1. D

    Help with deciding on a new LED grow light!

    Hello AFN, I've finally decided to grow my own stuff and bought some really good genetics on the last 420 day sale. I've picked up my grow bags, nutes, fans and the last thing left on my to do is a grow light. In the country I'm from, grow lights are expensive as they have to be imported...
  2. lasnico

    Indoor DP Think Different and PS Tutankhamon - 150W

    hi this is my first grow journal, in soil and in all haha the seed bought thinking in the production were: 3 think different autofem - dutch passion 1 auto tutankhamon - pyramid seeds setup: cultibox light 60x60x140 (cm) 4x 11lt pots 150w hps 20/4 1 airolite extractor (need a ventilator)...