1st grow

  1. Grow Materials Pt.1

    Grow Materials Pt.1

    Hello AFN, Ist day of documenting my budget grow. Check out this video I attached here you see some materials I purchased to make this grow happen. Any advice much appreciated! Happy Growing Also seeds ordered from NASC https://youtube.com/channel/UCnpdkdZ0VgZW3ygd-oPP3UQ
  2. P

    New Grower AN northern light first grow!!

    Alright guys let's give this a shot. This is my first time growing so if any experienced guys want to chime in I'd appreciate it. Set up: 3x3x6 tent 2@600w mars hydro Led 2@6"oscillat8ng fans 4 " intake fan 6" exhaust with carbon filter Humidifier Medium: pro mix hp Nutes: AN ph perfect g/m/b...
  3. Tom'sinflatedballs

    Live Stoners Just introducing Myself

    Hey AFN. I'm a first time grower. Just started up my grow journal here check in out! https://www.autoflower.org/threads/1st-grow-dp-auto-durban-posion-led-grow.58119/ A little about me: I'm a full time student. About to finish my last semester and head out into the real scary world. I plan on...
  4. Tom'sinflatedballs

    New Grower 1st Grow- DP Auto Durban Posion LED Grow

    Hey everyone. I have been lurking around similar sites for a while, always thinking one day I will grow me a plant. Then one night I said F it and let's just dive right in. I always have learned by doing anyways. So here I am starting my first grow, excited as all hell, and a little...
  5. Frankidelics

    New Grower Planning 1st grow! Suggestions needed! Thank You!

    Hi everyone! I new to AFN and glad to be part of what seems to be my soon-to-be favourite website haha! I am planning on buying the G-Tools Bonanza 250 plug-and-play cabinet, which seems to suit my needs in terms of size and features. I've tried to find info about people having bought and used...