600w hps

  1. Haze4dayz

    Photoperiod Haze's eurogrow bubble gum and caramel. + free seed Dinafem auto mystery (completed)

    Hi guys! So I have a couple of things I'm working on now. Just coming to the end of my first auto/photo run. For those that didn't follow along, I obtained a 4x4 tent with 600w HPS from a friend and all kit needed to run it. I used it to finish off a photoperiod plant but I believe the stress...
  2. Daipot

    Photoperiod buds!

  3. Daipot

    Photoperiod Trippy gorilla by big heads seeds - insane THC content!

    hey guys I'm doing a little journal on big head seeds trippy gorilla. The ridiculously high THC conten drew me too growing this one out. According to the breeder it's content is 28%!!!! That'll be some insane bud and the trim will make some decent hash as well. All the seeds popped within 24...
  4. PropagateAndPro-Create

    Outdoor PURPLE AF!! Fast Buds Autoflowers: GSC, LSD-25, Crystal Meth, Dinafem Photos: Afghani #1 and SSH

    I’m pretty far along on my most recent grow. I have 3 autos in a 3 by 3 tent with a 600 MH/HPS with a cool tube and a 265cfm fan and carbon filter. Also have 2 photoperiod plants in the same tent. They are SSH from dinafem and an afghani freebie I got from a seed vendor. They are all thriving...
  5. St. Tom

    New Grower 3x fast n vast +1 gsc remo supercharged kit .led kimbo 900w 600w first time led

    hi everyone i was kindly gifted the whole remo kit off joel in the 420 comp plus i now have 2 led light 1 vperspectra dimmable 600w and a 900w kimbo led replacing a 600w hps in a 1.2 x 1.2 2.0 grow tent . also i will using 4 15 ltr autopots ,plus a 5 inch rvk on my carbon filter and same again...
  6. ironnoob

    Indoor Ironnoobs 2200w 2metre tent, Dutch passion and mephisto

    hey all! Merry Christmas! Lets get straight down and dirty! About me Iv been growin for a few years now with only a couple successful yields. It really is a learning curve but an enjoyable one, so yeah I love the smoke but it's encouraged me to grow vegetables and flowers aswell! Here's some...
  7. Daipot

    Indoor Round two!!! Moby dick xxl, fast and vast and northern lights x big bud auto grow!

    roll up, roll up!!! I just finished my first grow and I've thought to hell with it! Let's grow some more!!! The set up remains the same as last time: 1.2x1.2x2 meter tent 600w hps Three fans inside the tent for plant movement Intake fan sucking in fresh air Outage fan fitted with a filter All...
  8. Daipot

    New Grower First grow: Sensi Seeds, super skunk auto.... so far

    hey lovely people of AFN! This is my first grow so far. I've been growing super skunk by sensi, but I also have 2 heavyweight fast and vast in there, 2 world of seeds amnesia, 1 dark purple and 1 sweet devil(which I fear isn't gonna make it). Just to clarify, I have been posting in another...
  9. Daipot

    New Grower Tent issues tips and tricks

    Hi guys. I've got a bit of an issue. I got two seeds that are blooming lovely so far. Their a week old tomorrow and they're about an inch and a half above the ground and both have a little bit of the husk still attached to them. I would pick them off but I'm quite heavy handed and I would quite...
  10. Dwang

    Live Stoners First timer - Super Critical Autos

    Hi, this is my first grow! I'm using a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m tent, 600w HPS bulb. I have a 5" cooling tube and a small reflector (I have a bigger one, but it doesn't fit the cool tube, so I've just hung it above the other one to reflect the escaping light back down). I have 2 x 6" clip on fans...
  11. saneiegocali92

    Indoor Need help with lighting decision!?!?!?!

    Good evening everyone, I need help with lighting my 10x10 flower tent. As of right now there are 4 SCROGs going, one in each quadrant. So we need to make sure each SCROG is covered well so we can get some BIG o'l Nuggets :) Each SCROG is 4x4. What are some suggestions? Ive been thinking its...
  12. Juegue

    Dutch Passion 6 think different, airpots (coco coir), tropf blumat 1000w (hps+led)

    Hi guys this is my second time with autos I got a lot of experience in my first grow, so this is the setup: 600w hps eye hortilux 346w led with cree xps airpots tropf blumat coco coir (plagron) 120cms x 120cms tent and plagron nutes. all the plants have been supercropped in pre flower (a...
  13. Juegue

    Dutch Passion 3 think different + unknown strain (autopots 600w)

    Hi just new in this forum first time that I post something, and first time with auto´s The setup: 600w hps eye hortilux 120cmx120cm tent 4 autopots 15lts (I think) pots gold label hidrococo 3 TD(dutch passion) 1 unknown strain (gift from a friend) veg nutes: plagron coco A+B grotek Cal mag...
  14. Think

    Mephisto Genetics Hubbabubbasmelloscope journal

    Hello this will be doing my grow first journal. my 3 hubbabubbas are just sprouting now I will upload pictures tomorrow. Here is my setup. Lights 18/6 140x140x200 Tent 600w HPS with cool hood 5" extract fan and carbon filter 15L Air pots Medium - palgron light mix Advanced nutrients...