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    I just received my Megacrop In the mail I was glad to see it and from some of the grows on here using it. IAM blown away to try it.
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    Indoor The one that started all this auto lowryder and brutalis feminized

    This a grow journal of zen seeds. The seeds are soaking as I type they should be ready tomorrow. I will be using green planet nutrients hydro fuel grow and bloom a/b vita thrive root builder tea which is just an amazing product liquid W8 I will be using emerald harvest cal mag massive mammoth P...
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    New Grower Autopots questions

    Got this package on my front door today, just waiting on the airdomes. I have alot of questions 1.-Can i use this soil type (view attachment) mix 50% with perlite (without the pebbles) 2.-How would i adapt this feeding schedule to the autopot grow: Day 1 to day 10 = plain water bubbled 24 hrs...
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    Help with this diagnosis!!!

    This is a greenhouse lemon auto fem on her 43th day. Ive struggle during the complete grow with this type of problem. I flushed a week ago and things seem to get better but as soon as i pickup nutes it starts again with rhe yellowish leaves. Im using 1 gallon pot with soiless with 40%perlite...
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    Live Stoners Hello Everybody, New here, new grower,new year, new everything!!

    Here i am, being lucky for becoming a part of this family. Im a new grower, currently in my first grow, i got aun auto green house seeds (lemon haze), Mephisto fantasmo express and a super feminized big buddha. Lets see what happnes , hopefully i will be able to share my expirience with others...