advanced seeds

  1. Yucreepin

    New Grower Gorilla Blue - Advanced Seeds

    How’s it going guys, first time doin it since I was a kid - where I had super limited space and didn’t really have a clue! ...managed to grow some of the best I’ve ever smoked though. (Think it helps being you’ve grown it yourself). So I’ve got a small selection of autoflowers from different...
  2. Illini4life

    New Grower Illini4life20. Perpetual grow. Primarily Mephisto beans

    Alright guys so I know it's been a minute since my last grow but the cold is passing and it's that time to get this rocking. I currently have two beans dropped in water and getting ready for germ. I decided to run only two strains this go. I will be running two beast mode autos, simply...
  3. P

    New Grower 1st grow! LSD-25, Pineapple glue, Mass shooter, Chz, Bluechz, Blue Dreamatic, Nrthn Lights

    Whats up everyone! Glad to have stumbled upon AFN these past few months as I've been getting more and more tempted to get a autoflower grow going, well I finally got the confidence to give it a try thanks to everyone thats contributed to this informative network. So my setup is 2 2x4 tents...
  4. Auto-Flowering

    New Grower Multiple Strain Perpetual Auto Grow & Grow Room Build

    UPDATE: Grow room is built. Lights: 2x Autocobs 2700k, 720w HTGSUPPLY COB(8) LED 3.0, Bestva "2000w" LED Soil: Detroit Nutrient Company Water Only Pot: 5 Gallon fabric pots Ventilation: 2x hurricane 16in wall mounts, 5 lil blizzards, 4in ipower exhaust with carbon filter, 4in air intake...
  5. Quentin3176

    New Grower Tri-leaf THC BOMB + NYC DIESEL grow journal

    Hi all :welcome: to my 1st grow journal and what will be my 2nd ever grow. thanks for stopping by. I'm new to growing and to forums and such so I'll do my best to keep you interested. I currently have 2 nyc diesels at day 49 and although I'm still very green around the gills I learnt quite abit...
  6. Headbudz77

    Indoor Headbudz77 Growz: Skywalker, Top69, SuperLemonHaze & Industrial CBD

    Hi guys, so I decided to start a new jornal for the next batch of 4 strains. This time ill be growing: 1x Super Lemon Haze by Green House Seeds 1x Skywalker by Mephisto Genetics 1x Top69 by Advanced Seeds 1x Industrial CBD by Dinafem My tent is a Homebox Evolution PAR+ 120x90x170cm Extraction is...
  7. The Vault

    Introducing four new breeders at The Vault

    At The Vault, we’re always keen to expand our selection of high quality genetics: Usually, that means keeping fully up to date with our established line-up of breeders for their latest hot new releases, but every now and then, we reach out to breeders who are not yet on our roster, but who have...