afn grow battles

  1. Ripper

    Live Stoners Awolace vs Eyeoftheworld

    @awolace vs @Eyeoftheworld They have agreed to both grow @mephisto strains. At this point I am going to ask each of them to step into the arena and give us full details exactly what they will be growing and what they will use. Please keep in mind we will need lots of updates for this...
  2. briman

    Grow Mediums Kindsoil introduction thread

    Hello everyone! I would like to introduce you to a new vendor to AFN! Kindsoil. They are a company that supports and makes soil, for the growing community. They are based out of Michigan, USA. This product is so simple to use. Here is their link to their web site and please do give them a look...
  3. A-Train

    Dinafem AFN Exclusive, Dinafem High CBD Autoflower Test Run, Industrial plant CBD Auto / Haze Auto CBD

    What's up AFN :toke:.... A-Train coming at you with some exciting news.:woohoo: Since @Dinafem-Mark has joined AFN he has been very impressed with the growing talents of our members. He has already been gracious enough to sponsor a bi-monthly pic comp and now he's pitching in more. The Dinafem...