1. Anthropolis

    Indoor Grow Anthro's Perpetual Vol 3: Hempy/Soil/Autos/MarsHydro/Experiments

    Greetings All! After a long break, Anthro is back in the dirt. This will be my catch-all thread for now: the grow, hardware thoughts, experiments, tips. ____________________ It's been awhile friends and fam! Not sure I even finished documenting my last rounds of 2017-winter 2018, it was a busy...
  2. Anthropolis

    Hempy Gen3 Experiment & Write-up by Anthro

    Hello again friends! It’s your buddy Anthro again with some more fun new ideas! It had occurred to me that the hempy method in its most basic form had some shortcomings. So I set out to scour the web for tips and tricks, and to see if I could mash-up a few newer ideas. Now, I’m no hempy master...
  3. Anthropolis

    Review: Pulsar APX, Portable, True Vape, $60!

    Greetings friends, Anthro here again with a review of the Pulsar APX portable vaporizer. It's a fairly great little unit, is indeed a true vaporizer, comes in a nice kit, and has a retail price of $60. [Disclosure: as a member of the test team, it would be good etiquette to state that this is...
  4. Anthropolis

    Anthro's Perpetual Grow Vol 2, Organic, LED, Autos, Fun!

    Hello again dear friends! Decided I needed a fresh new grow journal for 2016 as it'd been too long since updating my last very long journal. (Feel free to take a look here if you want to look back but let's not necropost in it.) ~~~~~~~~ A quick recap of what I'm werkin' with: · 2x4x5...