auto blackberry kush

  1. Shallow Water Culture Explanation.

    Shallow Water Culture Explanation.

    My Journal of various beans using this system, is located here Running a single ChiLed blue biased puck at 50W 400ppm to start with. Below is the first week's growth, as well as a...
  2. Wingsuit

    Dutch Passion Auto Blackberry Kush & Auto Ultimate

    Hi all, i ve started journey with DP strains and i have a question to some more experienced folks here about my auto blackberry kush but first let me say something about tent and stuff i m using to give as much info as i can. Tent - 80 cm x 80 cm x 180cm Pots - 2x 15l fabric pot with coco 60/40...
  3. Dabber

    New Grower The Kush Comparison Grow

    I'm doing a Kush comparison grow with the following 3 Kush strains and 3 breeders FastBuds Blackberry, Mephisto 3 Bears OG and MSNL OG Kush My set up: Room 44" x 44" x 9' Lighting 2 HiGrow 600 watt LEDs, 1 Growstar 1000 watt LED and supplemental LED drop light in 5000 and 2700 kelvin for veg...
  4. M

    New Grower MrGoat 1st Journal, 1st Indoor Grow

    Greetings all, there is a great deal of knowledge here on AFN, I hope I can contribute a little bit along the way. I have a few outdoor grows, first venture indoors. Tent: Melonfarm Grow Tent 48x24x60 Lights: HI-SDard LED 600 Watt Full Spectrum - Veg, Bloom and Flower modes...
  5. Tankat

    New Grower boost

    when time to use boost on auto flowers as flowers have just started forming?
  6. BigPurple

    Dutch Passion DP AutoDaiquiri Lime, Auto Blackberry Kush & CashCrop

    Ok guys - I just worked out how to upload photos minus metadata.. so here goes.. Sorry it's not started from the off but better late than never! I use 15 Litre airpots. For the Daiquiri Limes (day 57), I ventured into coco coir properly this time, and after realising that my nute mix was way...
  7. Frogster

    Indoor Frogster Autopot Grow:- Auto Blackberry Kush & Auto Mazar

    Hi all, Welcome to my intended “Unofficial Grow Journal”. This will be my second grow indoors, my first was in a tent, Organic Soil Grow, reasonably successful and the harvest is drying and curing nicely. Now, I have never been one to do things lightly, If I do something, I have to do it...
  8. trendkill84

    Grow Mediums On going life crushing PROBLEM!!!! (FIXED)

    I have had this problem is 2 grows now and have tried to get help and went threw my whole set up etc etc and never found the problem. I never go over 500 ppms with flora nova grow big bud etc etc. I water once daily and thats when they droop bad. Am I feeding them too much too little watering...
  9. TaNg

    Dutch Passion Auto BlackBerry Kush vape report by TaNg.

    TaNg submitted a new Showcase Item: Dutch Passion Auto BlackBerry Kush vape report by TaNg. Read more about this showcase item here...
  10. TaNg

    Lighting Testing GNs Holographic Series 1 With DPs Auto BlackBerry Kush and Auto Euforia

    Bit of a double whammy for this grow,I'm using 2 brand new lights from Grownorthern,two new Autofems from Dutch Passion and less energy than I've ever grown with. The lights are GNs new Holographic Series which only draw 75w each but two units are billed to perform as well as 600w HPS,they are...