auto night queen

  1. P

    Dutch Passion DP Night Queen autoflower in 4x2 tent under 240 W LED

    Hi everyone! I really wanted to share some pics of this AF Night Queen i've been growing the past few months, this thing turned out to be a monster! She was grown under 6x cree cxb 3590 @ 1050 mA, wich is about 240 watts. She had to share her pot with a second AF NQ but that one didn't get...
  2. Duggy

    Dutch Passion Night Queen and friends..

    Auto Night Queen in Lightmix in 60x60 under Telos 0006...More pics once sprouted...
  3. MedGrower

    Dutch Passion MedGrower does Auto Night Queen (DWC/HS1/Telos 0008)

    Hi! This is my round 2 trying this strain out. First one didn't quite finish as I would have hoped, didn't get a yield that would have satisfied me but the quality of the end product was something so powerful I just couldn't help but to give this another go and see if I could tame this lady of...
  4. Mañ'O'Green

    Indoor DP Auto Night Queen & HSO Blue Dream Auto Adventure

    Here we grow again: 3 Dutch Passion's Auto Night Queen & 3 Humboldt Seed Organization's Blue Dream Auto with House & Garden nutrients in a GroDan rockwool Hugo block grow with precision drip irrigation. I have 14 DIY Citizen 1212 3500K 90 cri cobs and two Roleadro LED fixtures for a total of ~...
  5. K

    Dutch Passion Ken357's 2017 Dutch outdoor endeavors with Dutch Passion autofems

    Hey all! Allow me to reintroduce myself. I've been a mainly outdoor photoperiod grower in Holland for more than 25 years now but I had to lay low for a few years until certain aspects of my life moved out. Well, all I can say is let the games begin. I'm hoping to get back in touch with some of...
  6. ironnoob

    Indoor Ironnoobs 2200w 2metre tent, Dutch passion and mephisto

    hey all! Merry Christmas! Lets get straight down and dirty! About me Iv been growin for a few years now with only a couple successful yields. It really is a learning curve but an enjoyable one, so yeah I love the smoke but it's encouraged me to grow vegetables and flowers aswell! Here's some...
  7. Big Jay the Grow Guy

    Dutch Passion Auto Night Queen from Big Jay!

    420 Luv everyone..... This is my second run with the Auto Night Queen.... First run yeilded close to 3 ozs of super hard super frosty very dense beautiful buds that cured up excellently in almost 3 weeks! Will be running 4 this time along with my long awaited re-run of Spinning Buzz Kick from...
  8. Hazy

    Dutch Passion Hazy's Auto Night Queen Grow

    Good to be back… First i would like to thank all at Dutch Passion for the chance to grow their newest Autoflower genetics here on AFN. The set up will be roughly the same as usual, except this time i'm using 18L pots instead of 15L. The canes will be coming into play. Grown under 600w HPS. So...