Indoor DP Auto Night Queen & HSO Blue Dream Auto Adventure


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Sep 15, 2016
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Here we grow again:

3 Dutch Passion's Auto Night Queen & 3 Humboldt Seed Organization's Blue Dream Auto with House & Garden nutrients in a GroDan rockwool Hugo block grow with precision drip irrigation. I have 14 DIY Citizen 1212 3500K 90 cri cobs and two Roleadro LED fixtures for a total of ~ 930 watts in a 4' x 6' x 8' space. I use an Arduino Uno to control the lights, exhaust fan and CO2 controller. I am in the COB Grow Battle with this grow.
Based on what I think I learned in my last grow which was a Photoperiod grow, I have developed a feeding schedule for this Autos grow. The amounts in light grey are from H&Gs charts in ml/gallon. The dark numbers are 80% of H&Gs chart and the amounts I will be adding to 6.1 gallons. I am doing drain to waste. The amount of runoff per day is less than a quart. When I get to the point where I will be watering every day I will add nutrients to the reservoir every third day. This has the effect of starting at about 1200 PPMs in the reservoir, day 2 is ~ 900 PPMs and day 3 is ~ 700 PPMs because of the makeup water automatically added to the res via a float valve as it waters. Since the plants use more water out of the blocks than nutrients this has a tendency to raise the PPMs in the blocks. Only adding nutrients after every third day the reservoir nutrients in the blocks remain in the target range of about 950 PPMs. I use Mammoth P throughout the grow it just got cropped from the veg picture.