autoflower anomolies

  1. H

    Weird 1st auto grow

    Hi there! New member here! I’ve got growing my first autoflower northern light. We are now on day 35. It has been stretched and slightly overwatered in the seedling stage. Now it’s growing weird in the pre flower stage and I really don’t know what to expect from that. Leave color seams nice...
  2. B

    Weird growth after light switch

    Hello everyone, First time growing AutoFlowers here and I have two going, short riders from nirvana. Ones a few weeks older than the other. I had them with some flowering plants with the lights at 12 12 and they were both flowering normally. But the flowering plants finished and I replaced them...
  3. M

    Is this any kind of deficiency?

    Hy guys! First time grower looking for some help. Let me do a quick intro to my setup: I'm groing in soil, 7-8L pot with 25-30% perlite, using a 600w led (136 actual watts) on a 60x60x120 tent. My first lady is a Royal Gorilla autoflower from RQS. I'm currently on day 13 and noticed...
  4. Tank

    First auto grow Nirvana seeds (Northern Lights)

    Hi all, I have done a few outdoor bag seed grows with little to no care to the plants and its been alright. since i gave up the bottle and picked up the pipe more ive decided to step up my game on growing and now have an indoor setup for my winter hobbie :) i decided to start off with an...
  5. Mossy

    Anomolies we have Seen on AFN.

    Any Auto Anomolies can be placed here for reference.