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  1. M

    Indoor Mumbling Dragon and Almach

    Howdy AFN, Decided to start a little dip into the portal strains, hope you join me for the ride, I will progressively update this thread as it goes along. Started all seeds into a peat/worm castings mix, I germed directly into the soil More updates to come
  2. iWumbo

    Duck Tape

    hello afn :welcome:this thread will be for my duck tape project, the plan is to breed some space quacks with gg4 auto and photo crosses :biggrin: going to name the crosses duck tape if you haven’t already figured it out :crying: started 6x space quack, 20x gg x green crack auto, and 3x gg4 x...
  3. AeonSophia

    New Grower Black Stone Grow (LED in Coco) by AeonSophia

    Hi I'm Sophie, your friendly neighborhood plant-loving mystical hermit. This is my first time growing cannabis, though I have experience cultivating other plants as well as some fungus. I've done a lot of research in my spare time for over a year into different methods of growing, so I have some...
  4. Ripper

    Dragon Meds Ripper does a Ruby

    10/4 was her first day above ground. She is being grown with kind soil and roots organic. She is in a 3 gallon air pot with 2.5 pounds of kind soil. Her light is a modified Mars 300 with 2 72 volt Cree COBs in 3500 k. She will be fed distilled water and it will have Mammoth P in it the...
  5. pyrokev

    Dragon Meds Enter The Stone Dragon

    HAHA, I couldn't come up with a better title, But here we will be entering the realm of the Dragons :dragon3: Strain: Stone Dragon Indoor Medium : soil Pot (size/type): 3 gallon fabric pot's Kind of training (if any): none Age of the plant (days or weeks): Day 11 Height of the plant: 5.5"...
  6. Mossy

    Seed Bank Halloween Seed Promotions

    If you see any Halloween Promotions or discounts post them here...:thumbsup: Stone @ Autoflower-portal is our First.. Autoflower Portal Seeds Halloween Promo 22 OCTOBER - 1 NOVEMBER EVERY PACK FROM OUR COLLECTIONS ONLY £35 7 FEMINISED SEEDS OR 15 REGULAR SEEDS per pack FREE SHIPPING...
  7. Magic

    Dragon Meds Magical World of Dragons

    Hello Fellow DMT members!:Sharing One: This will be the thread i use to grow out all my dragon creations. :DragonSmoke: I have few Black Dragon Crosses But the main two i will be focusing on for now is Steel Dragon Sweet Trainwreck x Black Dragon & The Kracken Sour Crack x Black Dragon...