1. sour.b

    Lighting Sour.b's continuous Autogrow under Telos-0008

    GrowNorthern sent the Telos-0008 last week, and she was fired up in my tent over the weekend. I will start by a big thanks to them for this opportunity to test the light here on AFN. A few other growers will be joining very soon in the GN subforum. The Telos-0008 (240W) will replace 2 xGN...
  2. Hazy

    Dutch Passion Hazy's Auto Night Queen Grow

    Good to be back… First i would like to thank all at Dutch Passion for the chance to grow their newest Autoflower genetics here on AFN. The set up will be roughly the same as usual, except this time i'm using 18L pots instead of 15L. The canes will be coming into play. Grown under 600w HPS. So...