black friday

  1. Marshydro

    Mars Hydro Black Friday Giveaway starts now!

    Hello Guys, last time the giveaway, we had a lot of fun.:smoking: And do you still remember the new giveaway I mentioned in the main thread last week? It is the time to begin it now. And Black Friday Promo is upcoming too. :headbang::headbang::headbang: Promotion of Mars Hydro Black Friday...
  2. The Vault

    Green Friday at The Vault (Insane Offers)

    Black Friday is always Green Friday at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store! This year we have a 15% discount code, an absolute ton of cannabis seeds to giveaway in our competition, discounts on breeders, on purchase promos and lots of bonus freebies on all orders placed between Nov 25th through to...
  3. Black Sail

    Lighting Black Sail Black Friday Sale!!!

    Get yourself a Cannon for only $299 each! That's 240 Watts, at 2.0umol/J, with an operating heatsink temperature of ~120F, for only $1.25 per watt! Offer available until 1159pm on Sunday at :smoking:
  4. Son of Hobbes

    2018 Black Friday Sales

    Hey guys Black Friday is around the corner and it's time to start posting those deals! We'll see if we can't get a big list here and get our @Vendors to add in on anything they have and hopefully we can edit/update one big list here for convenience!
  5. McDee

    Mephisto Genetics Black Friday... to early?

    @mephisto Is it to early to be thinking about Black Friday? Are you have a sale? I missed it last year, so getting a little coin ready now lol.
  6. NuggsGalore


    Hello to the good people of The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have caught my attention from down here in Australia. We are expecting a really hot summer coming in very soon, and I'm starting to think my small grow space is going to become a sauna with a 400 MH for veg and...
  7. The Vault

    The Vault… Putting the Colour back into Black Friday!

    The Vault…Putting the Colour back into Black Friday! Huge Discounts. Visit ‪to read more, get your discount code, and to check out The Vault's epic Green Friday Video #‎GreenFriday‬ #BlackFriday #TheVault