blue automazar

  1. TetratauruS

    Indoor 3x3 2 strains supersoil grow

    Hi guys, I started this journey in my closet area with 3x3 tent using 24/0 schedule and i am currently at day 71. I am new to this community and english is not my native language so any mistakes with punctuation and spelling I apologize beforehand. The genetics; - Canuk seeds auto amnesia x1 -...
  2. MedGrower

    Dutch Passion MedGrower does Blue AutoMazar (DWC / HS1 / Telos 0008)

    Hello! :toke: I got my garden back in the business now, starting with just a one plant and thought I will start up another one in upcoming weeks. My patient asked kindly to grow some more of the awesome, very effective medicine for her that best helps her pains. From all the varieties this one...
  3. MedGrower

    Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar -review

    SeedBank: Dutch Passion. Strain: Blue AutoMazar Did it autoflower?: Yes Soil/hydro: Hydro / DWC Nutes: Advanced Nutrients Light (kind and schedule): GN MS0006 and HS1 @ 20/4 schedule, Total 255w From seed to harvest date: 95 days. Dry Yield: 314g (single plant) Rosin pressing...
  4. MedGrower

    Dutch Passion MedGrower does Blue AutoMazar (MS006/HS1/DWC)

    Hello all! I started a new grow with one remaining Blue AutoMazar -seed I still had. This one is a cabinet grow and otherwise similar to my previous Ultimate -grow other than I am growing only one plant on the same space. Today is Day 1. As I took the the picture it is almost the end of Day1...
  5. Wile e Peyote

    Grow Mediums Wile e Peyote's continuous multi strain drip and coco spectacular

    Right folks were off this is my second grow in coco still got 3 plants from my first grow all budding up nicely but i didn't do a grow journal for that so im making up for it now on monday the 16th march i started to germ 2 seeds from heavyweight seeds 2fast 2vast 2 days later on the 18th i had...