1. Dirt_McGirrt

    Cross all the things with Gnome's 304

    I picked up a pack of 304. I have 4 that are about done soaking and going into 3 gals. I'll be doing drain to waste Lucas with GH micro/bloom. Nothing fancy I want to make sure I have stronk like bull. Going for a seed run of these with hopefully both or either of the parents being a sizeable...
  2. F

    Polyploid male, should I just throw him out?

    Hey guys, I just started breeding males so that I could collect pollen and I ended up with a polyploid male. Is there any point in keeping him around or should I just throw him out?
  3. jeff wright

    Live Stoners Can you hermaphrodite a autoflower?

    Can you hermaphrodite a Autoflower? If so how is it done. How long would it take for the seeds to fully develop into usable seeds? Will the seeds that come off that be feminized? Will they be Autoflower? Or will they be photo.? @Waira @TheMongol if either of you know please chime in. Or tag some...
  4. iWumbo

    F1 Hybrid Vigour

    Hello all . May someone shed some insight on this Time course imaging of two maize inbreds and their F1 hybrid (middle) exhibiting heterosis. Heterosis, hybrid vigor, or outbreeding enhancement, is the improved or increased function of any biological quality in a hybrid offspring. The...
  5. iWumbo

    Fem hermie?

    Hello , my question would making seeds from a feminized plant with a reg male produce an unstable hermie batch of offspring?
  6. Johnnybudseed

    [Buddha Seeds Experiment] sex change and breeding.

    Hello, I am currently in the middle of this project - Buddha Seeds Mix - 3 growing at 15 days old. One of em lagging behind for some reason. Anyways I am treating the middle front one with fem spray and am at day 3 spraying it. I have no clue what strains these are and am looking to breed the...