brown patch

  1. A

    Help diagnose my sick plant

    Hi, My plant is 2-3 weeks into flowering and is not looking well. I also think bud development has stopped. I'm growing outdoors in premade potting soil in a 11l fabric pot. I have an analog pH/moisture meter which read 6.8-ish at roots. I've been watering with tap water which according to...
  2. T

    Sweet gelato auto looking a bit nasty... any ideas?

    Hello, I'm kinda new here, so please excuse any misdemeanours. I'm also pretty new to growing (this is my 4th plant) so I'm kind of feeling my way through things. My environment is: 40 cm x 40 cm tent Koscheal 1200W (Yeah, Right) LED Full Spectrum UV And IR light 18 / 6 light cycle Fabric pot...
  3. V

    Brown bits on leaves

    Hey guys, I’m a brand new grower, got a couple girls on the go. Growing them outside and bringing in at night right now until I sort some sort of greenhouse. They’re about 6/7 weeks old, and they’ve been getting brown bits on the leaves. I chopped off some of the Culprates yesterday but I’m sure...
  4. FirstTimeG-row

    Indoor royal dwarf brown patch on leafs HELP!!!!!

    Hi I have recently started a small plant and it is curently suffering from what I can only guess is a deficiency of some sort. Their is a brown patch on one of the cyldone leafs and they are curling down towards the soil also their might be a slight changing of the green colour of the leafs I...