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  1. thomas m

    Lighting SE500 uvb review, with help from Geopot.

    Hi everyone. The West Coast checking in going to review the SE500 and OUR friends over at Geopots are giving us a hand on this one. So lets dive right in and get to some details. Vic has done it again. The guys @ Amaretech have bumped up the se450 to 500. here is some of the spec info sent...
  2. Fuggzy

    Dinafem Fuggzy does a Dina

    Hi guys, and :welcome:This is going to be a single Bubba Kush auto, and my first experience with Dinafem. I first saw this plant in a journal from @scally420 and bought some seeds asap. She will be grown in a 16"x16" tent under a 150w hps, and is in a 3.5 gallon fabric pot. The soil is home...
  3. sour.b

    Lighting Sour.b's continuous auto grow

    Here we are AFN peeps:tiphat:.. I joined the forum a few days ago. I've grown photos outside and inside in the past (10 years ago) but this is the first time with an autoflower strain and under LED I will be growing DP's Auto Blue Mazar. The setup: -Grow Cube Classic 80 (that I've cut to...