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Oct 16, 2017
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Hi everyone.

The West Coast checking in going to review the SE500 and OUR friends over at Geopots are giving us a hand on this one.

So lets dive right in and get to some details.

Vic has done it again. The guys @ Amaretech have bumped up the se450 to 500. here is some of the spec info sent to me from Vic.

Third generation SE500 specs:

- new enhanced 94cri spectrum peaking @660nm (~3x more than HPS/COB 3000-3500k COB only spectrum)

- Wattage: 500w

- COB: Top-bin CREE CXB3070/CITIZEN CLU-08 (optional)

- Monochromatic 5w diodes: CREE XP-G2/XP-E2 (top-bin)

- copper-core heat sink

- separate veg/flower spectrum

- UV-a/b with separate power socket

- patented reflector array with removable lenses

- Precision laser etched attachable cases.

Something like 24 inch for veg and 18 inch for flower.

This light is awesome. Well made. You can feel and see the quality. This light WILL grow and FLOWER your plant VERY well!! If you dont have the info PM me and i will hook you up with his email.

So GeoPots, These things are pretty cool. Love them. My buddy Justice and his guys at LeftCoast set me up with a amazing package of various items. cough cough ...TERPINATOR ... that stuff is amazing btw. @ the time of writing this Im thinking about running two different strains in 7 gal Geo's. The babies are in solo's atm, only a few days old.

Strains: SuperFruit, BlueGod, Bubbakush,

3x3 GGT + extension lucky for me I have 12 ft ceilings in my house.
1. 8in hurricane 750cfm exhaust + 8in scrubber + on a controller. This fan is on 24/7.
4 6in hurricane clip fans. 180cfm. at different angles pointed at the plant. These fans on 24/7.
1. 4in hurricane intake fan + inch scrubber + controller.This fan is on 24/7.
^^fresh air is good^^
2 RH/Temp sensors, @ different locations inside the tent to give me a better feel for the temp around the plants.

Really its a hybrid. I will actually post my full recipe here, feel free to use it. Feel free to enhance or share your thoughts or experience.

Promix HP
Coco coir
This makes up the major aspects of the solid composition. now on to the actual fun part. So this is sort of a supersoil hybrid.
Lets me first of say im horrid at maths always have been, So through time i have learned how to kinda eyeball and estimate (not perfect i know but it works so..) the amounts of amendments. I will save the convoluted amounts i use. but if you need some insight on how much just PM me. Below is the good stuff we put into the soil we will then cook.

Dolomite lime,Humic acid,Powdered mycorrhizae,Epson salt,EWC,Mexican bat guano(veg),Indonesian bat guano(flower added later)Bark mulch,Rock phosphate,Azomite,Kelp meal,Soybean meal,Fish meal, Green sand,Feather meal,Neem seed meal,Alfalfa meal,Blood meal,Fish bone meal,Oyster shell meal. (Mammoth P as innoc. <----- this stuff hands down the best)
You will want about equal amounts of most of this stuff not all but most. Mix it WELL very well. Make sure it is all one color not patches or lighter or darker soil.
I personally use Rubbermade containers to cook the soil once mixed.
I fill the container 3/4 full of our SSH mix. Then i take a 5gal bucket fill with tap water. Lets sit atleast 24 hours. Once all chlorine is evaporated we will add Guano Co super Tea liquid. This stuff is organic and thats the way we will be growing this. So you can add as much of this as your wallet will allow. I go prob avg amount because of diminishing return due to amendments. Pour it all in the container stir it up. Cover. Sit in sun cooking. Min time 15 days. Max hell if i know but more time is usually better, i cook for 30 days. Somewhere around day 15 in innoc the mix. Dont worry about white mold, this stuff is actually helpful. At the end of cooking just keep moist till ready to use. DO NOT use this stuff on seedlings. This soil is strong. It even puts off electric signature if you run a meter past it. The soil is actually electric and alive.

Few things to note about the soil.
I have a 60% reducing in nuet use through the grow. this save money over the long term.
The soil gets better over time. this first grow with this soil will be great, However over the course of the next two journal i do, you will see increased yield each time. three runs are pretty much max till you need to amend again.
You really dont have to worry about PH'ing. The soil takes care of all that, However old habits are hard to break. So i make sure to give 6.5
This mix isnt cheap it also inst for everyone. Organic is tough, it is in need of amendments and monitoring, so for some it isnt compatible for them.
Soil moisture retention is good. It also disperses excess very well. (keep your GEO's off the ground ) Get air to ALL the surface areas for best results.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.
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The new bunch. photo from today.
another UltraViolence close up. this thing smell unlike anything ive ever smoked or grown. kinda sad ran a soil ph and she is fully locked so having to flush at week 6 to try to regain balance. ooopsieeee:pass:

fixed the soil PH its back to 6.8 phew.
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the SE500 review from GLD<----- the guys at Grow Light Depot are awesome, i bought a new tent from them, and they did have the best price out there for a GGT
just ran outside to check the cook. soil is PH'ing at 7.0 its a good day. few more weeks on the cook then we will see where the girls are at.:vibe:

here is the Superfruit.
lets play a game.
lets try to sex them.
you have 2 weeks to guess.
winner might get a prize.
the only blue god i have atm. over in the right hand corner in the geo pot, is a ultra violence clone i took from the flowering plant. doing some monster cropping. and the other pic is two bubba kush. and a nice profile shot of the amaretech SE500