1. Senseimillan

    Indoor Senseimillan Presents Grow Log 9/17 (Crystal Candy Auto / Auto Jedi Kush)

    If you're reading this, what's up!? Welcome to my grow log. First timer on, but no stranger in the garden. Welcome, welcome, make yourself comfortable, and we can get to know each other. I've been growing photoperiod cannabis for about 17 years; I've never grown an autoflower...
  2. Scirzo

    Indoor Auto Seeds' Ultra Lemon Haze in a 23"x23"x41" cabinet

    :bighug: Hi guys! After the great result I got from my first grow, I'm ready for the next. For those interested, the journal of my first grow can be found here: You all seem to like as many details as possible, so...
  3. J

    New Grower Cabinet grow 5 plants 1L Airpots. Advice needed

    Day 7 on my dwarf autflowers... this is my first time grow and all seems well so far. I will post more pics as time goes on and plants grow. Need advice on how high to keep led away from plants tho! Running a 40w red blue panel. I had it about 10 inches above plants but noticed the stems...
  4. bichon+buzz

    Indoor Bichon_Buzz's ongoing wardrobe grows

    Hi Folks, I'll be using this thread to document the grows I'm doing in my wardrobe. A little background first: While I've been a smoker for years, it was the onset of my wife's chronic pain condition and the relief provided by weed that led me to exploring the option of growing our own rather...
  5. Frankidelics

    Indoor The Adventures of Frankie's Auto Cab!

    Hey guys, I figured out it'll be easier just to have a single thread for the different strains I am growing at the same time. Some would call what I do a 'perpetual grow' I suppose but well, nothing's eternal ;) Only autos. Here is a summary of the current state of the 3 Fastbuds I am growing...
  6. Frankidelics

    New Grower Planning 1st grow! Suggestions needed! Thank You!

    Hi everyone! I new to AFN and glad to be part of what seems to be my soon-to-be favourite website haha! I am planning on buying the G-Tools Bonanza 250 plug-and-play cabinet, which seems to suit my needs in terms of size and features. I've tried to find info about people having bought and used...
  7. geo.mand

    Indoor Advice wanted on my 'to be' CFL CAB grow

    Hi Ladies and Gents, Must admit, seems hard to find a place to start. Forums like this one are absolutely fantastic don't get me wrong, but the amount of information out there is overwhelming and has downright scrambled my already clouded mind! This isn't exactly my first grow, grew some bag...