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  1. SiamBuds

    Grow Mediums Do I need to add nutes from the start to this soil ?

    Hi, so be growing in this organic soil, best I could find here, I plan add perlite only, and my plan was add CalMag in later weeks, as it says on that soil it got nutes for 8-12 weeks. https://www.egmondpotgrond.com/en/product/organic-potting-substrate When to introduce CalMag?
  2. D

    Dutch passion ultimate fem issues

    Dwc,grow tent 2mx2m,600 HPS watt bulb,day temperature 30-night temperature 23,RO water(30ppm),canna aqua vega +Calmag GHE(Cal-4%,Mag-1%),cannazym,ph up.hello friends!the first time here,I ask for your help!ditch passion ultimate fem 40 days of vegetation ,the last few weeks I have been...
  3. Fitzy

    Which deficiency?

    Am having an issue with some cal mag def but not 100% that's wat it is so if anyone has any ideas I've been using advanced 3 part organic @400ppm and 200ppm of cal mag for feed sometimes I put a bit less base nute and add a bit of kelp me kelp u thanks for any help in advance
  4. ganjaman21

    HELP! Extreme calmag deficiency and Nute Burn??

    Hi guys! This is my 1st grow ever and I've been struggling with some kind of mobile deficiency this past week. I'm growing 2 autos (Sticky Beast / Diesel) in soil (DNA/Mills soil with cork) in 14l pots. I'm now on day 48 from seed. Water goes in at 6.9ph and comes out around 6.1ph. The...
  5. R

    Cal mag deficiency, and something else?? Help

    My plaants recently fell very ill after a major cal deficiency due to using RO and not using calmag (stupid, i know. Didnt know i had to add micronutrients to RO) i sprayed my plants with half dose calmagic by GH, AND started watering with gallons with added half dose calmag. My plants are all...
  6. HolyTHC

    Old Reviews DIY CalMag

    Hi AFN Here is quick tip how to make your own CalMag additive, which you could use for buffering your RO water, fixing various blocks and defs through whole grow cycle. Final product contains ideal proportions of Cal and Mag, it will fully assure that these two elements will be available for...
  7. growgrrl75

    Live Stoners Hello :)

    Hiya people, I'm back and trying harder! I started growing on my own over a year ago, had a few harvests, nothing special apart from a RQS "Quick One" that reached 3ft, best plant eva... and I still only got about 2 zips dry from that! I've got 2 auto mazars in a small tent under a Mars hydro...
  8. IceWater421

    Help AFN Lemon Juice Auto Cal Mag Def

    Hey guys looks like I have a cal mag issue. All start by saying using advanced ph perfect with pro mix ,smart pots , and for lighting is 330 watts of led . Also using r.o water . Noticed two days ago some blotch brown spots starting I up d my cal mag to 6ml a gallon and it's got even worse. Was...
  9. Frankthetank

    CalMag question

    Hey everyone, I'm currently experiencing a calmag deficiency. I have a 5 gal dwc bucket and am under a mars 2 1200. Should I follow the directions on the bottle for how much to use, or reduce that down to 1/4 strength? Thank you!!
  10. Dr. Babnik

    New Grower Does this leaf tell a story?

    Hi, Experts This is a pic of one of the first fan leafs of my successful White Widow. What can you say about it? White Widow #2, day 42 by Dr. Babnik posted Apr 21, 2016 at 5:55 PM
  11. Henchman

    EMERGENCY PLEASE HELP - Think she's dead and huge

    sorry to start new thread. This is a pure emergency - No feed for 2 days as I was away - look at the calmag now ? Is it flush time ? She's on day 63 PLEASE HELP Henchy
  12. Johnnybudseed

    Old Reviews Cal-Mag Needed? also how beneficial is it?

    Hello, At the moment i am in full bloom for 3 of my plants and am feeding the following - FF Big Bloom 3 tspn, FF Tiger Bloom 2 tspn, 1 tspn molasses, 1 pinch epsom and 1/8th tspn superthrive - [super once a month] I also will be recieving CalMag in the next few days, will that replace the...
  13. TaNg

    Lighting LED and CalMag discussion.

    The other lighting mods and myself thought it would be a good idea to get a discussion going about the issue of calmag def most LED growers get. There are a few theory's out there but nothing concrete,a recent theory's form Canna shared by DP Tony is that LEDs don't create as much heat as HPS...