chem city blues

  1. Muddy

    Indoor Muddy's Mixed Strain Auto Grow

    After taking a year and a half off I recently got back into growing some autos again and had a nice little harvest. This is my second grow and it's 5 different strains. WoS NLxBB and Sweet Coffee Ryder, Mephisto Chem City Blues and Sweet Seeds Black Jack and Dark Devil. I had started a 5th...
  2. Nabzter

    Mephisto Genetics Time to try mephistos genetics !!!

    I have just taken receipt of some goodies and am looking forward to some mad science. The specimens I will be experimenting with are as follows - Ripleys OG Fantasmo Heisenberg special Aĺl beans Currently sitting snug in damp kitchen paper inside empty dvd cases. Going all out in 30l smart...
  3. TaNg

    Mephisto Genetics TaNgs Chem City Blues Vape report.

    SeedBank : Mephisto. Strain: Chem City Blues (Auto Blues x Chemdogging) Did it autoflower?: Yes. Soil/hydro: Plagron Light Soil. Nutes: Advanced Nutrients. Light (kind and schedule): Veg under GN MS0004 then bloom under GN HS1. Schedule 20/4. From seed to harvest:- 10 weeks...
  4. TaNg

    Lighting Testing GNs Holographic Series 1 in Bloom

    It's been great watching the Mephisto guys over the last year or so so it's an honour to grow there strains,in this grow we have Chemdogging there Chemdog Auto and Chem City Blues which is a cross of Chemdogging and there UK Blues Auto. The 2 plants will be grown in 15L Airpots filled with...