1. F

    Photoperiod I❤️GM Gold Leaf and Obama Kush Mothers and Cloning

    So with my second grow I have started 2 photos to use as mothers for cloning they are now 62 Days from seed. I finally got all my supplies to start my clones and today took my first cuttings today 4 of each strain. I cut them so there was 3 nodes with I put in a glass of water, I trimmed the...
  2. Glue Breath 2 full

    Glue Breath 2 full

    this is what she looks like right before i cut her. this one was supported by a bamboo grid that i took out, then slid her into a tiled area to photo. VERY different from the plant i put in the tent. Buds are like lead ping pong balls. see that one branch point at the floor?
  3. full Glue Breath View

    full Glue Breath View

    Her leaves start out light, and she gets stressed w/too much light, but once you drop the hours below 14, she starts to shine, and the leaves turn a deep, glossy evergreen. they look like they're made out of wax at the end, when i cut her. amazing plant.
  4. Glue Breath 2

    Glue Breath 2

  5. Glue Breath 1

    Glue Breath 1

    does she really need a description? She is a plant i grew at random, one of the first solo grows i ever did. (I grew as part of a team for several years before trying it on my own) She came when a plant (think a GG. ) hermied and pollinated a motorbreath. i got a bud, and 4 seeds out of that bud.
  6. Ayahuasca Purple and Me

    Ayahuasca Purple and Me

    this thing is so huge! this is the same size as the other two were when i stuffed them in the tent with the scrog screen. This one is about to go through the same process, and go into its OWN tent. I'll post another photo of the one im about to cut down to put THIS one in its place. #barneysfarm
  7. Strainly What is cannabis tissue culture?

    Hey everyone, Cannabis tissue culture is on the rise and a lot of people have been asking us questions about this propagation method. We've put an article together, explaining what is cannabis TC? It's pros and cons? You'll see... it's a double edged sword... READ MORE What do you think?
  8. Strainly Need your LOVE

    Hi Everyone! We are currently working days and nights to upgrade our site and give you more of what you asked for. In order to facilitate and accelerate the process, we are doing a crowdfunding campaign = HERE Please don't hesitate to support. Their are rewards in the form of Premium plans...
  9. Strainly A dedicated platform to offer your varietals

    Hi everyone, This is WHAT Strainly is about, HOW it works and WHY we do it. We're based in Montreal but the majority of our members is in the US. We've been operating for 2 years and have been recognized for offering a safe platform for preservationists, breeders, growers, seed banks and...
  10. Trichome farmer


    hello all this will be my main thread for 2019 so what have we ahead of us alot of different strains and breeders dutch passion .seedstockers. mephisto.ripper seeds. and super sativa seed club just to name a few there will e a couple more il add as i pick them up later in the year not to mention...
  11. Madness

    Indoor Autocob Madness pt.2

    Hey every one. I am glad to be here to share with you my run that I am starting which has got me more focused than ever as a grower.:pass: Before I babble 1 of my perpetual grow that didn't end up perpetual because of stupid nugget though let me tell you...
  12. pop22

    Indoor Pop22's Breeding and Experimenting Tents and Cabs

    I'm consolidating threads to simple things. My three base threads will be continuous threads, based on specific grow tents, with my cab in the growroom and the small (32"x32"x60" ) tent as one thread, my two 4x4 tents will each have a thread, and one for my ongoing breeding projects, currently...
  13. wwwillie

    Photoperiod WWWillie and the Clones

    Hey Now! Fired up the TurboKlone and have some ready for the dirt. Thought I would start a journal to track my progress. I have three girls that I like so I will be cloning them regularly. I have a Barney's Farm Acapulco Gold, a tangilope and an unknown. It is either Dream machine from...
  14. PropagateAndPro-Create

    Fast Buds Successful Cloning of a Snapped Seedling. Gorilla Glue Fast Buds

    Ok, now that it's been over a month I figured I would post this seeing as the plant has now transitioned to flower. I had a mishap where a gorilla glue seedling got broken in half due to clumsiness on my part. So being the tightwad that I am I didn't want to just discard a $10 seed. I had a...
  15. SpaceGod

    New Grower Can You Clone Autos

    I am sure this question could be found on google but I believe it is better to hear first hand from people who are experienced with autoflowers or someone who is familiar with cloning. If you cannot, why? If you can clone them, would it be a traditional cloning like all maryjane plants? Thank you!
  16. Oldbie

    Photoperiod Gender reversal

    Hey dudes, I am currently spraying a clone with colloidal silver. I started with a ppm solution of approx 11 (weak I know, but first attempt) about a week before 12/12, and then made a stronger batch at approx 15_20 ppm. At about 10 days into 12/12, I am seeing a few female hairs, although a lot...
  17. Shelly

    New Grower Total Newbie Virgin Harvest Help Needed

    Hi! I need some help please and I have a shit ton of questions so please bare with me! This is my first ever grow and I've gotta good deal of stuff going on. First, I have what I thought was a Sweet Tooth auto flower. She has had yellow leaves for 3 weeks now. So, after one week of a lot of...
  18. GCase

    OLD REVIEWS Article Wired: Sorry, But the Names for Weed Strains Are Kinda Meaningless So, my brother was like “Bro check out this Blueberry Kush,” and I was like, kind of sketched out because last week my cousin was like “Bro check out this Blueberry Kush,” and even then I was like “This Blueberry Kush...