WWWillie and the Clones


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Nov 6, 2013
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Hey Now!
Fired up the TurboKlone and have some ready for the dirt. Thought I would start a journal to track my progress. I have three girls that I like so I will be cloning them regularly. I have a Barney's Farm Acapulco Gold, a tangilope and an unknown. It is either Dream machine from HeavyWieght of a West Coast OG. I like them all and am going to clone them all eventually.
Right now I have six of the unknowns, I'll call them UK for now. As they mature maybe someone will recognize them and set me straight on the name. They spent two weeks in the cloner and are now in the dirt. I put them in the dirt on Sunday 8/20 and they are looking good now, I'll post some pictures in a bit. I am doing two things differently I am using all soils out af the bag without amending with perlite. The big one is I am switching my nutrients. I a moving from Rock, Earthjuice, and Neptune to Nectar for the Gods. They have a whole line, almost organic, start to finish program that looks pretty cool.
Stay tuned, I am hoping for a fun, big, grow.
Here we are. All six ready to go. Took this last night before the first feed with Nectar of The Gods.

Here is one of them. Look a bit light green in some spots. Hoping new fert regime will help.

A bit of brown is from the mother getting to close to the light. I was a bit concerned but she bounced back great in the cloner.
Are those bottom fan leaves cut? The tips?

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Yes, I trim the leave when I put the prospective clone in the cloner. Always done it that way, read somewhere it helps the roots form?...
All the new growth was in the cloner. I had to leave them in an extra 10 days or so due to lack of time to transplant.
Here we are after a full feeding and foliar spray. I did that last night. I am pretty excited about the new nutrients I am using. I am going to do my first trim/fim today. want them bushy!
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I topped them all yesterday. Trying for a nice level canopy. Been working so hard just getting through grows and now I think I finally have a decent handle on it. At least I have learned not to worry overmuch!! Now I am starting on training and grooming for larger harvests.
Man I have to say I think this new nutrient line is really something. I think I will try for daily pictures just to see the progress. Nice!!
Here's this mornings pictures. Whole tent, top, and side of one plant. I will try to use this format to make it easier to compare.


And here is the meter for my lights. I am using four partially done autocobs with a meanwell driver. Pretty sweet.

So far today I have added some Metabolic Transformer from Dr. Earth. It is a bunch of microbes and mycorrhizae with a bit of stuff for them to eat. One thisng I did notice is that these un-amended soils do not wet well, the feed and water seems to go right through. Perhaps they dried out too much and now have wetting problems in there. I am going to add a wetting agent, I think NFTG has one in their line. I'll let you know.
I also added some HH as the BK is a calcium uptake enhancer and I don't want them to be deficient. Gonna add some Demeters as well for cal-mag.
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Here we are after a foliar spray. Forgot to take a few pictures before I sprayed.

The tent:

This girl is looking strong!

Here are some shots of where I topped. I am amazed that I can easily see the new growth and after only one or two days ago too!


I think that by the way the water and feed fly right through the medium that I have a wetting problem. Thinking back I prolly let the soil dry out to much in storage. Going to use Hygeia's Hydration for this, it is a yucca product so should take care of that.
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Looks very nice - I take a seat here and will watch it to the end! Good luck!