comparative grow

  1. Stellabud

    Indoor Telos 008 Grow trained vs untrained

    Currently on day 24 only just worked out how to start my own thread so have posted a few pics so far! Zkittlez OG barneys farm grown in airpots under telos008. Watch this space...
  2. Jack Vault

    The Vault’s Candy Dawg Auto Comparative Grow – in association with Seed Stockers

    Hello again guys - long time no see - it is that wonderful time again - The Comparative Grow! :) The Vault has teamed up this time with our new friends at Seed Stockers, to bring you the first Comparative Grow of 2019, and this time the wonderful autoflowering strain is Candy Dawg Auto. :)...
  3. Jack Vault

    New Grower The Vault’s Skywalker Auto Comparative Grow - in association with Mephisto Genetics

    The Vault has teamed up once again with our good buds at Mephisto Genetics to bring you another amazing Comparative Grow – just be careful – the force is strong with this one… Please find details on how to enter this Comparative Grow here...
  4. Jack Vault

    New Grower The Vault Comparative Grow, in association with Mephisto Genetics - Heisenberg Special Autos

    Hi guys, apologies on the slight delay but the 3rd Comparative Grow has now begun :) Please read all of the below post to make sure you understand the everything :) This time we have paired up with the wonderful Mephisto Genetics and have the awesome Autoflowering strain: Heisenberg Special...