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  1. Hazy

    Dutch Passion Hazy's Ickle Early Outdoor ANQ Grow

    Spring has sprung...Time to get some plants out, these two ANQ's were planted out in a pot of BioBizz Light soil on the 23rd Feb...both are now up. Curious to see how they do planted out this early. It's already 16-18 degrees during the day and down to 10 at night. At the very least i will be...
  2. Mossy

    Anomolies we have Seen on AFN.

    Any Auto Anomolies can be placed here for reference.
  3. Waira

    Quick and Dirty deficiency picture depot (expanded to include other issues as well)

    :toke: Folken- This thread is for compiling various deficiency pics gathered from all around,... the idea is to get several pics of each defc. and it's various symptoms, particularly the more atypical ones,... hopefully, to be included in a more comprehensive, consolidated thread for staff...
  4. Mossy

    Live Stoners Live Stoner Gossip

    TaNg has suggested we have a Live Chat area since the Chatbox this is an Trial to see if members would use it.
  5. Mossy

    Live Stoners Sanctuary

    Welcome to the Home of AF's in the Year of the Black Dragon......:cool: May the Great Ganja Goddess look down on all our heads and Bless our Efforts in the quest for Legalisation of our Glorious Herb. For Medicine for Pleasure...Genetics to Treasure..