cream mandarine

  1. Duggy

    Sweet Seeds Duggys..KillerKush..CreamMandarine

    Cleaning tent in preperation for germing a Killer Kush Auto and Cream Mandarine Auto... Will be started under 50w of LED and moved under 250w hps when it becomes available in a few weeks. To be grown in 15L Autopots with Coco and Perlite and Ionic nutrients.. Will update once germination...
  2. Yozhik

    Sweet Seeds Yozhik's First Grow: Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel, Cream Mandarine, Devil Cream and Killer Kush

    STRAINS: Sweet Seeds … 3 x Cream Caramel Auto, 3 x Killer Kush Auto, 3 x Devil Cream Auto, 2 x Cream Mandarine Auto. EQUIPMENT: Green-Qube '[GQ2030] … 200 x 300 x 220 [up to] 4 x 600w HPS and 3 x 600w GroGlo [Version 5] LEDs 6L Airpots transplanted into 30L Airpots, or directly into 20L...