1. Boveda

    The Shatterizer

    Over the weekend I was gifted this new portable vaporizer for Cannabis concentrates. This is the second dab pen I've tried and so far it is the best. The Shatterizer
  2. McDee

    Dutch Passion Durban Poison rosin?

    Anybody make rosin from Durban Poison? Just start my 1st Dutch Passion grow, and just put together my rosin press at the beginning of the new year. So been mostly smoking rosin. Durban I hope will be good for in the morning, but don't know how well it will press. Hope it is good for making rosin...
  3. Dabber

    Live Stoners Smashing Buds in Dabberville

    What up AFN PEEPS hope everyone is :baked: and having a great time here on AFN. I thought I would post a thread about my bud smashing using my NUGSMASHER XP rosin press and see if any AFN PEEPS who are pressing or wanting to start would join me in Dabberville and share their knowledge, pressing...
  4. forestly

    Old Reviews Vaping dabs (rosin tech)

    Hello green brothers and sisters around the world, help a friendly stoner out. I don`t smoke - i vape (use Volcano) but now i have access to dabs and to be really honest i am not sure the Volcano would be the smartest way to use dabs. If anyone has any suggestions which systems/rigs to use...
  5. budelee

    Extraction SCH bho Extract

    Well i got in a mood and ran a few different methods just because..i started with some live extract with eth,mover to some regular eth,did some qwiso,some long soaked eth and lastly a bho pullheres the starting materialimportant note in this pic::the initial purge was done in warm/hot water till...
  6. budelee

    Extraction Where's all the eth extractors?

    Wheres all the Everclear extractors ?? Just wanted to say hi to everbody and share some pics of my latest "pull".For this run I used Green Crack and Chem Dog,1.5 oz total,and was really happy with the return.Over this past year i have tried different methods of bho,quiso,and quet,(i only do nug...
  7. TaNg

    Live Stoners Live Dabbers Thread.

    If your dabbing it up let us know. We wanna see oils,waxes,shatter,sift,hash the lot,did you make it,buy it etc.....we also wanna see those rigs and tools. I will kick it off as I'm enjoying a garden sesh.