1. DragonBlood

    Live Stoners How many watts?

    Low budget grow. Led + cfl. Grow space maybe 5ft×5ft. Old bathroom, shower space converted to grow room in basement. Pics will be uploaded. I want to fit maybe 8 small growing plants maybe 4 dark devil + 4 THC Bomb. I have about 200w in LED so far, and I want to have about 400w in cfl. Is that...
  2. Hues

    Sweet Seeds Dark Devil Pt.2

    Hello all, harvested a Dark Devil 1 week ago, liked it a lot and decided to try again with a bigger pot plus proper care. its fresh grow-data may illuminate the path but i'll cheerfully welcome any advice. autobuds roll out setup: 2x2x5 dr60 (it can be seen below but let's note that she's...