1. sheria

    Plant of a friend - deficiency?

    Hi :) This is a auto plant of my friend. He's growing Hydro. He had last grown weed 2 decades ago, photos. He sent me some pics and his leaves don't look that healthy to me. What do you think? Temperature: 24C, 75,2F RH: 60% Medium: hydroponic Npk 6,7 / 7,0 / 10,5 EC 2,2 Water: rain water, pH...
  2. sheria

    Yellowish brown specks on leafs, spreading. Advice?

    Plant is growing strong but started to show yellowish brown spots on the tip of the bottom leafs. It's spreading inwards. They started white, progressing inwards and turn yellow then brown. The soil is Biozbizz light mix. She sprouted 8 days ago after 1 and a half day. Seed was planted in a...
  3. marijuaman

    Nute burn? Organic soil

    Hey all! These plants are 47 days old and suffering from what I think is nute burn. Medium is FFOF/perlite, with just plain PH 6.3-6.5 tap water apart from a single top dressing. I had some low soil PH issues in the first 3 weeks, so I decided to top dress with build-a-flower around week 3 in...
  4. K

    Indoor Hindukush Auto Various Problems

    Hello there, it's a very nice forum I have been reading for a long time. I have 3 hindukush autos from sensi seeds. My growing conditions are relatively poor im not in eu or usa. whatever related to growing some buds is so expensive here. I use tap water with 7.5 ph according to a document I...
  5. G

    Hubbabubbabear Yellowing

    Hi- any help appreciated. The plant started yellowing during stretch lower down but whole plant now has a much lighter colour with random leaves looking like the removed ones (these were from quite high up) I have had yellowing during stretch and early flower before, but seemed to get past it...
  6. O

    Organic grow, auto ultimate. Deficiency day 55, HELP!

    Dutch passion auto ultimate, day 55. Organic grow. Bio bizz all mix soil Bio bizz grow, bloom, cal/mag, top max. What is going on with her leaves? First I noticed red spots on the bottom fan leaves, I fed cal/mag and then the problem went away, come pre flower. It was back, worse than...
  7. R

    Please help!!!

    So something is going on with my babies! And whatever it is, it's not good!! Problem: Not sure of the problem, if I knew that I wouldn't be Asking Medium/grow method: FFOF soil Feed: and supplements used: grow big, big bloom and the other one that comes in trio pack, molasses..I have fed in...
  8. hotdogking15

    Deficiency or Paranoid?

    Hey so this is my Dr Jack Auto. The Dr is only 5 days old and I was getting concerned about how bright/yellow tinged the centre of the leaves were. It’s also quite a bit smaller than it’s grow run buddy. Is it a deficiency or completely normal and I’m just para?
  9. GreenMersh

    Northern cheese haze X sour bubby Day 38, what is this ?

    Been having some trouble here lately finding out what's wrong with the leafs on my NCHxSB, some sort of deficiency or lock out or something hell idk. I've been feeding her with the roots organics master pack, last feed was 6mls of the buddah bloom, 5mls of Trinity, 2.5mls of calmag, 3.75mls of...
  10. D

    Sudden leaf issues in week 8...Help!

    Hi guys, This is my first grow; I've made lots of rookie errors along the way but have managed to make to Week 8 relatively unscathed until now. I've got two 12L pots growing outdoors. First one an "Alpujarrena" seems remarkably robust, with no real issues to date. The second, BCN Critical...
  11. V

    autopot coco/perlite, nute deficiency or lockout?

    Hey guys! Happy to finally join AFN and get in on the action. My first grow was hand watered FFOF+Promix soil in 5 gal fabric pots, 4 plants, CKS White Widow photoperiod, 500g-ish dry. Great experience. This is my second attempt, switched to autopots because I was tired of hand watering and...
  12. Carecrab

    Potassium deficiency?

    Good evening boys and girls! Watered my plants 2 days ago and went away from home and when I came back I started to see som leaves showing signs of deficiency. I think it's a potassium deficiency but I'm not 100%sure. She's a 4,5w old girl, and she's flowering and I've been feeding her...
  13. Organic_Auto_Canuck (OAC)

    Nute deficiency?

    Grateful to know if you recognize this as a deficiency please and thanks
  14. CanadianStorm

    Simple deficiencies/excesses map

    It think its pretty precise and it has a visual value to it instead of just written explanation. Came across a ton of posts where the title is … What is happening?!. Photographic memory friendly, the ambiance everyone’s looking for.
  15. J

    Indoor HELP! Starting to flower aaaand...Brown spotting, yellowing and browning bottom leaves

    Coco, 5 gal. smart pots, spyder farmer 1000 ledx2, fox farm trio, and cal mag+. I run my ph at 6.0 to 6.2 and ec has been from .4 to .6 so far. I tested run off once and it was at 6.5. I started off the grow adding 1.5 ml of grow big and 1ml of calmag+ but nothing else. After the stalks beefed...
  16. G

    New Grower Little help please

    Hi guys! My plants are yellowing a little at tips of new growth (pic 3) and one is also showing some purple/red?(pic 2) Also why does new growth look so week and curly? (Pic 1) What could be causing this please? I'm in soil (biobizz light mix with some additional perlite) Temp ranges between 18c...
  17. T

    New growth looking silverish and drooping on some of my plants

    It's my first auto run and I'm wondering why they are drooping this way plus the color if you can see from the pic. I'm on day 26. I started feeding til runoff twice a day a few days ago. Growing in coco coir, nutes are masterblend
  18. U

    Light green/yellowish leaves, all 4 plants

    Problem: The 4 plants are at 48 days now, about 1.5 weeks into flower and they are all very yellowish light green. They seem smaller (or stunted) than they should be. The leaves are all pretty small and pointing upwards towards the light. Some of the leaves have lighter bleach looking spots...
  19. Cannakisses

    Help please what's this?!

    I went to check on the ladies tonight and my blueberry auto is showing some strange discolouration on her leaves. She was fine 2 days ago. I've also got pineapple gum ato shes fine, fed with nutes tonight and will check again tomorrow. They had a stunted early life but are permanently in a...
  20. N

    (HELP) top leafs curling up and browning !

    Hey guys, i’m New here, i’m Growing 3 critical autos and one of them have a leaf problem that I can’t find what it is, i’m In week 3 of flower and the plant top leafs start curling up and the edges becomes brown with some brown spots, i’ve already flush 2 times but things continues going bad, I...