diy box

  1. S

    DIY Found a DIY solution, who has experience? Supergreenlab

    I was looking for a smart DIY home system and found this. Does anybody know this system? I just saw this new video they published and it looks very nice for a small DIY home growbox
  2. E

    New Grower Seed is in the towel

    so I guess this is the start of my journal. Yesterday I put my @mephisto Sour Crack between some tissue paper. I've got a 10 litre air pot and my diy grow box ready and will be growing organically with Dutch Pro nutes...
  3. Psilmex

    Grow Room Psilmex's Microgrow

    Hello all, This is my first post here but I have been quite the quiet reader on this site for a very, very long time. I am very gracious and happy to be apart of such an eclectic and highly knowledgeable group of growers. I thought it is finally time for me to try to add to the knowledge here...
  4. brand420

    Dinafem Dinafem cheese auto low budget grow

    Hey guys noob here first grow , This is a low budget grow and as organic as possible , I have organic soil i am using the bag as a pot 3.2 gallon and have poked drain holes all over , Using hydro nutes stage 1-3 im and using two 40watt phillps 2100k cfl for veg , my grow box is not finished...
  5. Hues

    Dinafem Dada's Micro Journey

    Hi AFN! It’s been a while since the cancelation of my first grow, when i came back from the travel i started a new grow immediately. I just wanted to make sure before starting a new journal but everything seems oky. So here is the deal: strain- Fruit Auto and Blue Cheese (from Dinafem) in the...