drip system

  1. Mañ'O'Green

    Indoor Short Stuff, Magic Strains & Zambeza

    Time to start a new grow thread. I will be growing Short Stuff Auto Amnesia CBD, Magic Strains Bubba Trouble and Zambeza White Cheese Auto on Jan 18 for seed drop. I will be in three battles General, Short Stuff and COB GOTY. I want my COB crown back! I reconfigured the exhaust system so I can...
  2. puffy

    Grow Mediums Best easy auto watering system for two trays

    So, not quite sure where to put this thread, but since the heading said "irrigation" I'll put it here. I plan to grow 18+ plants sog style in 2litre growbags in a tent. I don't want the worry and cost about setting up 18+ separate dripfeeds, so I plan to do it somewhat different. I use a very...
  3. Slater

    Grow Mediums Watering times, frequency's, schedule etc. discussion

    Welcome to the Watering times, frequency's, schedule etc. discussion Been meaning to get this thread going for bit and open up this discussion. Try and get the information all in one place, help for the newbies and for me to get better understanding of how every one approaches this... recently...
  4. Wile e Peyote

    Sweet Seeds Wile-e-peyote does a Black Jack or four

    hey up fellow afn ers thought I would start a grow thread here for some Sweetseeds Black Jack (may be get some of them sweet tester packs ) my set up is a secret jardin ds 150 my lights are Amare technologies solar eclipse se 250 (cob) and 2 solar spec ss150 cr (Cree) pulling 580 watts from the...
  5. Wile e Peyote

    Grow Mediums Wile e Peyote's continuous multi strain drip and coco spectacular

    Right folks were off this is my second grow in coco still got 3 plants from my first grow all budding up nicely but i didn't do a grow journal for that so im making up for it now on monday the 16th march i started to germ 2 seeds from heavyweight seeds 2fast 2vast 2 days later on the 18th i had...