1. Rebel

    Med-Man Brand -- MGM -- Test Grow Home Thread

    Evenin' Folks! AFN is PROUD to announce a Med-Man Brand - MGM (Medical Grade Marijuana) - Signature Line - Test Grow!!! 8 of us are going to be test growing a variety of strains by Med-Man Brand - MGM Signature Line and showing them off here for all you all, including Med Man himself, to see...
  2. DubV

    Extraction Thermal Cycling Low Heat Glycerin Tincture Method

    First off, you will need a fondue pot, small mason jar, wooden spoon, candy thermometer, canola oil, and some glycerin of course. This method works on the principle of thermal cycling to scrub off the resins into the glycerin. It also is a low heat method as well so there is no degradation...
  3. DubV

    Sweet Seeds DubV's Sweet seed photo runs

    Thought I would throw a little sweet seeds photo action into play my friends :Cool: For those that are not familiar here is the rundown... Hydrohut 2 x 4 tent GrowNorthern MS-006 x 2 leds Vortex 4" fan Phresh 4 x 12 carbon filter 14 liter airpots x 2 Sunshine mix #4 AN ph perfect grow...
  4. DubV

    Indoor DubV's Dutch Passion Adventures

    Well its time to get the motor running and head out on another adventure my friends :dance2: So those not familiar with my setup Growlab 145, phresh carbon filter, vortex fan, 2 magnum plus leds, humidifiers, dehumidifier, and an assortment of floor fans. AN ph perfect line with additives and...
  5. DubV

    Lighting DubV's Grownorthern Adventures

    Well I know this took forever to get running but here I am finally :thumbs: All new setup and all new leds :D So the rundown... Hydrohut 2 x 4 tent, 2 Ms0006, phresh 4 x 12 carbon filter, vortex 4" exhaust fan, and active air speed controller. First run will be with 3 autos, 2 in 7.5 liter and...