1. Duggy

    Dutch Passion Night Queen and friends..

    Auto Night Queen in Lightmix in 60x60 under Telos 0006...More pics once sprouted...
  2. Duggy

    Lighting Telos 0006 v1.1 Test Grow

    Welcome to my Telos 0006 v1.1 Test Grow. With thanks to all at GN... On opening, the Telos looks very well made and top quality. Some DP Auto Night Queen have been potted in Light Mix and will bask under the glow of the Telos in a 60x60.. @CannaZone Tier 1
  3. Duggy

    Seed Stockers BCN Critical XXL

    BCN Critical XXL no till into previous plants coco..Biotabs with Orgatrex and BioPK to be used. Under 100w Skyline mk2 LED..
  4. Duggy

    Lighting Skyline mk2 Test

    Big thanks to @muddy-ledhhydroponic for the opportunity to test the new Skyline mk2 200. The new model looks slick with stylish enclosure and badging. The spectrum now has additional red added so we will see how the flowering girls like it. Some unboxing and hanging pics below. I'll get a full...
  5. Duggy

    Duggys Megacrop

    Gave the girls their 1st feed of Megacrop at 1/4g/L (1g/Gallon) yesterday at day 20. Will up the strength as required..
  6. Mossy

    SeedStockers GOTY 2018 second leg starts 1st May

    SeedStockers Grower of the Year 2018 second leg starts up 1st May... Sign up........:amazon:.. #growcannabislivewithfriends Rules of Engagement for Growbattles 2018 . Growbattles will be Open to All Challengers. Sponsored Growbattles..where the Vendor provides the product will require a...
  7. Duggy

    Dinafem Bubba Kush with Duggy

    Germinating 2 x Bubba Kush in damp paper. Prepared 15L Autopot with Lightmix adding Biotabs, Startrex and Myxotrex..Tent cleaned and new Skyline LED set up.. Looking forward to the Bubba having seen some lovely grows from @scally420 and others... Pics to follow...
  8. Duggy

    SeedStockers First leg LAST PHOTO CALL

    OK buds... First SeedStockers grow battle 2018 to begin in February.. Standard GrowBattle rules apply. Sign up here if interested... :smokeout: @Duggy @guerillagrower#65 @Unique @Belivitez @Slowmo @Bliciu86
  9. Duggy

    Lighting Skyline LED with Duggy

    With thanks to LED Hydroponics for the opportunity to test their Skyline LED. Up for testing are the Skyline 400 and Skyline 200 in Full Spectrum. They arrived well packaged and discreetly marked. Units look clean sturdy, and well put together. Checked everything was operational and my main...
  10. Duggy

    Mephisto Genetics Duggy Cosmic Queen

    Cosmic Queen ... Cheers @gbd Started 24th Sept, potted to 1L pot of Lightmix. Will be moved to 15L Autopot in a week.. Biotabs to be used. Under 100w LED for now... Just over a day up now...
  11. Duggy

    Indoor Duggy Blue Cheese Test

    Germinated 2 x Blue Cheese Auto 24th Sept. One grew nice tap root and was potted to 1L pot of Lightmix. She will be moved to 15L Autopot in 1 week. Nutrients are Biotabs line..Currently under 100w LED. Day 1..
  12. Duggy

    Indoor Duggy NL Auto Test

    24th Sept germinated 2 x Northern Lights Auto from Female Seeds. One quickly produced a tap root and was potted to a small pot around 1L where she will remain for a week prior to planting into a 15L Autopot. Nutrients will be Biotabs line. Currently under 100w Spectrum King LED. Big thanks to...
  13. Duggy

    Dutch Passion Auto Orange Bud Communal Thread

    Welcome to growers of Dutch Passion new Auto Orange Bud.. a communal thread for all.. @2Stoned2Care @guerillagrower#65 @hairyman @blowyourmind Should be some awesome plants here in a couple of months. Massive thanks as always to @DutchPassionTony :pass::smokeout:
  14. Duggy

    Sweet Seeds Ice Cool Duggy

    Ice Cool Auto now germinating in damp paper tissue.. Eventually to be housed in Autopot with Biotabs. :smokeout:
  15. Duggy

    Seed Stockers Seed Stockers Super Growoff

    Welcome to the Seed Stockers Super Growoff thread... All of the Seed Stockers Automatic range will be grown for your viewing pleasure. Anyone ready to start a Seed Stockers grow is welcome to join the fun. I'll be preparing my own grow at the weekend.
  16. Duggy

    BioTabs Biotabs with Duggy

    Duggy submitted a new Showcase Item: Biotabs With Duggy Read more about this showcase item here...
  17. Duggy

    Indoor BLK Seeds Mega Test..

    Welcome to the BLK Seeds test thread where we will grow and show the majority of the BLK catalogue, both autos and photos.. With thanks to @Leo Black Come and join us... The truth is in the pudding...
  18. Duggy

    Indoor Zamnesia Communal Test Thread

    With thanks to Zamnesia....Get ready for action as the Cannazone prepare to test Zamnesia Seeds Automatic strains... I'll introduce your test team shortly so stay tuned.....
  19. budelee

    Auto Warriors Do...BigSm0 3rd Feb 2017

    The And the Auto Warrior Welcome @BigSm0 to The Big Show:worship::cheers: Give it up people
  20. Mossy

    #CannaZone Test Team Trophy Cabinet 2017

    #cannazone test team