fastbuds girl scout cookies

  1. AutoJam

    Fast Buds 1st Grow, FastBuds - Blackberry & Girl Scout Cookies, 250w HPS - Wish me luck...

    Hey guys, :WTF: After months and months of reading and watching you pull off some fantastic grows, I have decided to take the plunge and give it a go for myself. Now enough fucking around, here's a bit about my setup... :gary: 60x60x150 Grow Box 250w Dual Spec HPS With Cooltube...
  2. livelife420

    New Grower FIRST LED GROW - MARS HYDRO ll 700 x2 - BB Blue Cheese + Super Lemon Haze + Big Devil XL + FB GSC

    Hey guys, I have already got an existing thread that I created yesterday and I thought as new LED Grower and a new cannabis grower in general it would be a good idea to link the thread in this section. As of Sep. 23, 2016 I have one Big Buddha Blue Cheese and Sensible Seeds Super Lemon Haze on...
  3. livelife420

    New Grower About to start FB GSC + Buddha Blue Cheese

    Hey AFN, call me L. I'm from a country in Asia and am about to start my first indoor growing or first serious cannabis grow. What I am planning to grow are two strains from Bomb and Big Buddha. I am going to be growing 6 plants (3 of each strain) in the following set up: Growing space: 1m x 1m...
  4. J

    New Grower First AF Grow (Various Fastbuds Seeds)

  5. |jack|

    Outdoor How long till the buds arrive? GSC auto fastbuds, frisian duck

    Day 70 of growing and the pistils are arriving but no buds yet. growing outdoors in the north of england in a 16l smart pot filled with compost also growing a frisian duck same conditions 2 more in different pots, absolute beginner
  6. Wile e Peyote

    Lighting Wile-E-Peyote (mis)adventures with Amare LED SS 150x2/ SE250(Autopots and Bubble Buckets)

    Grow Equipment Tent:Secret Jardin DS150 cut down by 2 inches Extraction : 6 inch silenced hyper fan and 8 inch carbon fresh filter Lights 2x 150 watt cree panels by AMARE 1...
  7. 420speedweed

    Fast Buds Fastbuds girl scout cookies auto grow

    Hey guys new to the forum. Not new to growing but doing my first run with led. Ive got 3 girl scout cookies from fastbuds Will be going hybrid on the lighting with marshydro 600w and a 250w hps. Will try to update as much as possible!!