1. Minime2020

    When to feed

    Hi I am using Coco coir and have got canna Coco nuits a and b liquid, I'm only at day 4 but would like to know how to use these nuits and any advice on feeding, when, how much, etc
  2. T

    Best manual feeder for runs?

    Trying to find an adequate feeder in case my 1G pesticide sprayer can't feed properly. I still have to see if I can take off it's nozzle. In case it won't let me, I'll get a feeding tool. Any suggestions guys?
  3. Kushalotti

    New to Autos

    I've done a fair few photoperiod grows in coco, but never done an Auto grow. I'm hearing some say give autos a weak EC feed and others say give them the same EC as you would with photoperiods! There reason being that new generation autos are able to match photoperiod strength feed! How true...
  4. Bum

    Indoor Nutrients

    What nutrients do you guys use? Do you use their full line, if not which do you use? When and how much do you start with? How much did it cost you? Its so much fun browsing nutes and additives, but which actually makes a worth difference? Im looking for something real simple, one or two parts...