1. indicalla

    My First Grow, Starting with Setup

    Hi, AFN community! I thought I’d start my first-grow post (and my first post ever here) at the very beginning, when I’m putting together my setup. I originally thought I wanted the convenience and discretion of an all-in-one cabinet to grow one auto at a time, so I had $1,750 budgeted. I’ve...
  2. SneakyReefer

    My First Grow

    Hi all, After years of growing corals, I thought I'd try my hand at growing some plants... Partly because I have horrible connections and was tired of paying $50 1/8 when my other unreliable source faltered (often). I researched for about a week, but there's a lot to learn and a lot of...
  3. andreasmilesxx

    Live Stoners First grow and harvest

    Just joined. Already got some amazing info. I just did my first harvest 2 weeks ago and have a little over 3 oz from 3 autos. WW-seedsman WW-420 guys Lemon haze-seedsman Not a huge yield but I’m stoked. The bids smell amazing and get better every day I think. Especially the WW-seedsman. I’m...
  4. D

    1st grow - setup and plan feedback

    Hey Guys, I am starting my 1st grow soon - have ordered the seds and all the equip which should be here next week. I would really appreciate you guys taking a look at my plan and how i'm approaching this and FEEDBACK! Here's what i got: - RQS quick one (I'm a noob so) - Grow tent 2'x2'x4' -...
  5. Trav*newgrower*

    Live Stoners Introduction again

    Hey guys I did my introduction back round may 23rd but couldn't find it I guess I didn't click post or left the page before it loaded lol. Hello to all I'm new to these autos and not real sure about anything lol. I have grown photoperiod plants have maybe 12 plants under my belt amd I DO NOT...
  6. ganjaman21

    HELP! Extreme calmag deficiency and Nute Burn??

    Hi guys! This is my 1st grow ever and I've been struggling with some kind of mobile deficiency this past week. I'm growing 2 autos (Sticky Beast / Diesel) in soil (DNA/Mills soil with cork) in 14l pots. I'm now on day 48 from seed. Water goes in at 6.9ph and comes out around 6.1ph. The...
  7. Closetflowers

    New Grower First time grower.

    Hey there. I have been starting from square one a few weeks ago. Have been using this site for information among others. Current set up includes a 4x4 closet of spare bedroom. 2x 1000w led. Mylar applied to walls/door. Oscillating fan. All set on timer to 18/6. Soaked two greenhouse seeds...
  8. J

    Help ! Leafs on top turning yellow.

    So this is my first grow. I got a 3x3x6 tent and I’m using a 600 hps set to 450w hps to keep it cool now that summer is almost here. Got a nice ventilation as well. My Colorado Cookies has lots of leafs with yellow tips/ some turning brown on the top but nothing serious.... and now I got the two...
  9. JoeP157

    Indoor first grow!! light of jaf and ganga dwarf!!

    Plant 1&2 are day 35! Big pot day 20! ....Autos from seed! Comments and questions are always welcome!!! Please leave me a like or a comment new to this but learning fast!!!
  10. JoeP157

    will nute burn kill my flowering plant?

    been no nute for few days seams ok but not sure.
  11. BCrisis420

    Indoor First shots at Autoflowers! Sour Crack, White Widow XXL, Mystery Strain

    Hey all! Got myself a bunch of autoflower seeds in hand for some great cannabis cultivation. I currently have 3 pots in my 2x2.5 ft Gorilla Grow Tent, running a mix of Happy Frog/Black Gold/Perlite which has proven to be pretty light. I'm growing under a Pacific Light Concepts CX300 COB LED...
  12. JoeP157

    Indoor Day 23 Ganja Dwarf and Light of Jah auto feminized.

    Day 23 Ganja Dwarf and Light of Jah auto feminized. I did water right after 36 hr no water. Soil was dry after a 5hr direct sun bath. How do they look??? welcome any advice !!
  13. A

    New Grower First grow, is my set up okay?

    Hey guys I'm new to growing although I have been reading about growing for a number of years i am wanting to start my first grow and I am wanting to know if the equipment I have lined up will do the job, I am wanting to grow Dutch Passion's Autoblackberry Kush and Mephisto genetics Sour Bubbling...