1. B

    First time grow - Procurement

    Hi All! Great to be part of the community so far everything I’ve seen in here is been a massive help, however there are a couple of things I’m still unsure about, and welcoming any tips / tricks or general help ! I’ll start with a list of what I have so far: -Banana Blaze seed -Sweet ZZ seed...
  2. Raoul Duke

    Live Stoners First Post

    Hello everyone. Bored at work and figured it was finally time to create an account and introduce myself to this awesome community. I've learned so much from reading other people's journals and love the good vibes all around. I figure it's time to start my own journal(to come soon) so i can learn...
  3. Bully

    Live Stoners Hello from the Eastern Europe!

    Hello people! I'm a 19 years young male from Latvia. Recently joined this forum mostly because I am thinking to start growing.:smoking: I have a pretty big experience with cannabis, if you know what I mean, but i haven't tried to grow it myself, yet. Weed is good in Latvia but the amounts are...