1. SGCEO


    My first time trying to post failed so i said fuck it and it got worse so ill make it quick. I have 5 autos in coco the first 3 i started around 4 weeks ago the last 2 was about a week after. The first couple weeks i had no epsom salts but it has been about a week and a half since i have been...
  2. puggle6

    Grow Mediums f6's ultimate hydro!

    Hey guys, I number of people have asked for an explanation of my system. This has been difficult to explain while growing and refining so here it is! Combining continuous flow 'organic' hydro, ebb & flow and dwc. This is a modern adaption of a very simple system I used for years with a&b...
  3. Johnnybudseed

    Old Reviews Is anyone familiar with FloraNova Bloom?

    Hey guys, I just purchased FloraNova Bloom and was wondering if i should switch from FF. Your guys opinions would be great and also feeding schedules and PH would be lovely. Thanks guys!
  4. Johnnybudseed

    New Grower Please help me.. I beg you! Strain Help

    Hello i am very very new to this as this is my first post ever. I am in need of some good strain advice as i have been trying to grow my dream crop and have been running into alot of issues. I am a legal patient where i live and can grow 6 mature plants legally [which i am trying to do] My first...