1. Fuggzy

    Just received, and set up 2, Mars 300

    Hi guys, I just wanted to stop in and do a lil' unboxing/showing. I ordered my lights off the E'bs and got the 2 for $137 deal. The order was placed on 5/26/16, and I received it today on 6/3/16. It would have been here sooner if it where not for the holiday. The packages where packaged pretty...
  2. Fuggzy

    Fuggzy goes pollen deep

    Hi guys, and a good day to you all. So I have played around with some pollen, made a couple of my own seeds, and reversed 1 plant so far. All of this was either just to see if I could or for fun. This time though I' going to take a more serious approach, and learn more than just dusting a plant...
  3. Fuggzy

    Dutch Passion DP by DP by Fuggzy.

    Hi guys. This is going to be my first grow of DP genetics, I am going to do a Durban Poison auto, and hope to knock it out the park. I have been waiting to grow this sucker due to height restriction, but I just upgraded to a 6.5' tall tent. It will be grown under a 600w hps. I am in the process...
  4. Fuggzy

    Dinafem Fuggzy does a Dina v1.02

    Hi guys and welcome back. This is a semi continuation of Fuggzy does a Dina and I am still trying to harvest my 1st Dinafem. Heres a bit of nerdcore to enjoy durring your readings. So this grow will be for a Big Kush photo, and in a couple of weeks I will be starting 2 Industrial Plant CBD...
  5. Fuggzy

    Fuggzy atones while talking dirty

    Okay guys it's time for a soil upcycle. This project just started as a regular recycling, and I over doubled my soil... So I'm referring to it as an upcycle.:eyebrows: So my soil is about 1 year old and , and I felt like it was time to freshen it up. My original soil was made using LC mix#1. If...
  6. Fuggzy

    Dinafem Fuggzy does a Dina

    Hi guys, and :welcome:This is going to be a single Bubba Kush auto, and my first experience with Dinafem. I first saw this plant in a journal from @scally420 and bought some seeds asap. She will be grown in a 16"x16" tent under a 150w hps, and is in a 3.5 gallon fabric pot. The soil is home...
  7. Fuggzy

    New Grower Groundcovers, and the benefits they can provide.

    Hi guys Fuggzy here. I just wanted to share some of the info I have gathered from reading, and my own experiences. So I've been growing for about 1 year now. I am an organic gardener, of our favorite herb, and veggies. I'm no master by any means, and am still learning daily. I started off just...
  8. Fuggzy

    Fuggzy's little happy trees!

    Hi guys Fuggzy here! :welcome:This is just a continuation of my last thread. https://www.autoflower.org/threads/shaman-genetics-seeds-organic-soil-fabric-pots-and-a-lot-to-learn.47897/ That thread started in the outdoor section, got moved to organics, and was titled towards a specific grow. It...