girl scout cookie

  1. Tyler_Durden88


    Im doing a Girl scout cookies battle royal growing multiple Girl scout cookies from diffrent breeders side by side to see the diffrences between them and see who has the best overall strain. They are germinating now and will be planted within the week. All will be grown with. Canna coco and...
  2. PropagateAndPro-Create

    Fast Buds Ruderalis dominant fast buds GSC auto

    Is this plant ruderalis dominant? If it is, will it lose potency or will it be GSC in a ruderalis pheno? I haven't seen a GSC auto from fast buds look like this. It has little to no scent yet either.
  3. PropagateAndPro-Create

    Fast Buds Ruderalis Dominant phenotype Fast Buds GSC

    Hello there. I am new to this site, not so new to growing. I figured I had to come on here to get some advice/feedback about this phenotype of GSC from Fast Buds. I don't have anyone else to talk to about it since I live in a place that frowns upon growing gods gift to man kind. Anyways here...
  4. Scirzo

    Indoor Happy noob's first grow. Come and join me!

    Hi folks at AFN! I'm all new and was posting my introduction on that forum, when I realized that what I was doing after a few posts was posting a grow journal. And then I thought I'd better stop over there and start one here, right? As it should be. This is my setup. There's a carbon filter...
  5. StandingInQz

    Got some broken cookies

    Helllo to the forum. I'm a pretty new grower, although my two previous grows have not worked out so well. For this one I bought a half decent setup. Got an 80x80x160 tent. A mars hydro reflector P96, 4"" inlet and outlet. Temps between 22-28. I have 3 fastbuds grapefeuit and 1 Fast bud GSC in...
  6. Ivorydoom420

    Fast Buds Fastbuds Girl Scout Cookies

    alright autoflower network, here it is as promised. a thread on my girl scout cookie grow. she popped out of the ground last night. will update with pics later today. i am using a 2x4x5 apollo horticulture tent and a 400w hps from apollo horticulture as well. 2-6 inch desk fans for circulation...
  7. C

    Fast Buds Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookie, West Coast OG and Six shooter grow journal

    Hi I have 3 FastBuds west coast og, 3 FastBuds Girl scout cookies and 3 FastBuds Six Shooters that were potted 1 week ago today. I am growing in a 1.2x2m black orchid tent with a 400w HPS lamp that i will replace with a 600w when they get bigger. The plants are in 15l air pots using biobizz...