go box nutes

  1. mtthct

    Here again looking for your expertise

    Leaves at the bottom are kind of peeling at the tips and looking sick, I think a couple at the top aren't in great condition. Using FFOF mixed with Perlite in 5 gal smartpots Third feed, fed them go box bloom nutes at half strength of a feeding schedule I found here I think it might have been...
  2. MediJane

    Mephisto Genetics MediJane's Mephisto Run #1 - HBSS, Ripley's OG, Organic, Soil, LED

    Finally catching up and documenting this grow! Since I am so far behind, I'll do a quick recap, then document more frequently as I go. The set-up: Medium - Fox Farms Happy Frog Soil Containers - 3 gal equiv. Smartpot (1) and 3 gal Airpots (2) Nutrients - General Organics - GO Box Lights -...