green poison auto

  1. KushNFT

    Sweet Seeds Dark Devil Auto, Bloody Skunk Auto and Green Poison Auto

    Rough plan of action here is light a fire under them in aeroponics then stick them in soil before the roots get tangled together. Lights are 2x 600W dual spectrum HPS although 1 of them is down to 400W until I get a bit more extraction sorted and nutes are IONIC hydro grow which they will only...
  2. sniper

    Indoor Sniper's New Hide

    What's up folks been a while since I ran some autos so I built a new box still a work in progress but close enough to done to start a grow So here's what I did I boxed in an area with a fully plumbed kitchen sink so no more worries about run off :D what I ended up with is a 24w x 52L x 60h...
  3. Yozhik

    Sweet Seeds Yozhik's Grow #2

    Getting ready for Grow #2. The Sweet Seeds are soaking, and I'm running around like the Mad Hatter trying to get Campus ready for the new intake of students. Currently in the water are; 4 x Cream Mandarine XL AUTO 4 x Sweet Trainwreck AUTO 4 x Green Poison AUTO 3 x Cream Mandarine AUTO 1 x...