grow battles

  1. smokeyfromau

    Seed Stockers Smokey's First time grow Seed Stockers - including new Purple Punch Auto

    Hello, First time growing and not the last Seed Stockers seeds. 1. Purple Punch Auto ( in the grow battle) 2. Super Skunk 3. Big Bud later, on if i dont have amnesia will be Amnesia Auto being the 4th. Soil and amendments Searles Organic Potting Mix Searles Organic compost ( just a...
  2. Mossy

    Indoor St. Tom Presents Short Stuff Amnesia High CBD. 2019

    @St. Tom Presents #short stuff #amnesiahazehighcbd @St. Tom Battle Kit My setup for upcoming battles 4x4 grow tent 5 inch rvk fan for extraction 15 ltr autopots with 47 ltr res 2 x sanlight q6w lights humidifier 2 x monkey fans @St. Tom Battle experience***info needed Final Dry Weight***...
  3. Mossy

    COB first leg LAST PHOTO CALL

    Details to follow..Open for names..
  4. Son of Hobbes

    Indoor Welcome Royal Queen Seeds!

    Hey guys we'd like to extend a warm welcome and inviting hand to Royal Queen Seeds, who has agreed to come on to our site to have their seeds tested out by our growers and testers! We've heard and seen some great things come out of this company so we hope to see the trend continue and excited...
  5. Mossy

    Mephisto Genetics Mephisto Grower of the Year 2017 Grow Battle [Starts Sept 1st 2017]

    Mephisto Grower of the Year 2017 Competition..starts 1st space in your Grow rooms. This #mephistogrowbattle open to All Challengers..:headbang:..all you Need is #mephisto seed and the space/time to compete. Individual Gladiators and Teams Welcome. :amazon: #Growbattles...
  6. Mossy

    Outdoor Auto and Photo Grow Battle under the Sun 2017

    Your Host for this Outdoor Auto Photo Grow Battle under the Sun 2017 is @912GreenSkell :d5: Starting May 2017 Autoflower and Photoperiod Outdoor Grow Battle under the Sun 2017 Welcome to the Annual Autoflower and Photoperiod Outdoor Battle of the Year 2017, where grow gladiators will battle...
  7. Mossy

    Live Stoners #Staff Team Trophy Cabinet 2017

  8. Mossy

    #CannaZone Test Team Trophy Cabinet 2017

    #cannazone test team
  9. derek420colorado

    Mephisto Genetics Epic 4 Way Grow Battle Royale HBBSS Style!!! 4way grow off

    Ladies and gentleman letttttts get readddddy to RUMMMBLLLLE! Folks we have an amateur grow battle extravaganza on our hands here. This is going to be for HBBSS bragging rights and the ability to talk smack for evvvvver. The contestants are as follows @Yeatster @Fairlynew @stepside and...
  10. Magic

    Indoor Magic Vs The Elvis

    Magic Vs The Elvis Fast Buds: West Coast OG (auto) Let's get it on!
  11. Magic

    Indoor Challenge Thread!

    @Magic, @Roark and AFN Welcome to one of the most competitive threads on afn while still keeping the vibe we all know and love! Grows here will be fierce, 2 brave members enter the grow ring but only one may come out victorious! This is the Challenge thread only call outs and responses are to...