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  1. Son of Hobbes

    2018 Black Friday Sales

    Hey guys Black Friday is around the corner and it's time to start posting those deals! We'll see if we can't get a big list here and get our @Vendors to add in on anything they have and hopefully we can edit/update one big list here for convenience!
  2. budelee

    Indoor Hopper Labs Grasshopper Vape Communal Test Thread

    Hey guys, this is the communal test thread for Hopper Labs Grasshopper Vaporizer! We'd like to thank @Hopper Labs for the chance to test out their product and we've just started receiving the vapes this week! The testing group will be made up of @Son of Hobbes , @Duggy , @budelee , and @Mossy...
  3. TheKB

    New Grower DIAMOND II LED Panel - suggestion required (URGENT)

    hi, i am new to LED grow lights but having said that i have more limited options for getting one. cant get well known brands as the shipping cost is usually more than twice the actual cost. so here is the deal.. came across "DIAMONDII 600W 800W 1000W Double Chip Full Spectrum LED Grow Light...
  4. S

    Indoor We are creating an all in one system! Tell us your thoughts!!

    Hi AFN, We are a team of engineers and growers that are building an all in one, 1 plant growing experience. We're conducting some research on people's experiences and opinions on growing so that we can build the best product possible for you. If you have 5-10 minutes to spare, it would be great...
  5. Ronin

    Old Reviews O2 Grow oxygen emitter "Next level oxygenation"

    Here's a new product I came across recently that may be of interest to some AFN growers.:cheers: O2 Grow I personally have not used this product yet, nor am I affiliated with them in any way.:toke: I'll be waiting for the price to drop before giving it a shot. Good day all:pass:
  6. Ronin

    Old Reviews Airpot knock off Ultra Oxy Pot

    I recently came across these pots and wanted to make my fellow AFN members aware of a product that may help with their grows.:pass: I have not used them personally,nor do I have any affiliation with HTG, but they are the best version of an Airpot I have seen yet. They are available in the...
  7. Ronin

    Old Reviews Re Usable ZipTies

    Here is a product that all AFN members should be aware of.:cheers: 1 bag will last a lifetime. They come is various lengths and sizes. Search engine for your favorite retailer. I've been using these for quite some time indoors and out. They hold up well. Good day all:pass: