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  1. youlumi

    Old Reviews YouLumi Grow Tent

    YouLumi Grow Tent Build the most suitable living environment for your cherished plants and take good care of them simply by taking this Home Use Dismountable Hydroponic Plant Growing Tent with Window back home, Effectively resisting any intense sunlight from shining on the plants, this tent...
  2. O

    Tall 2’x2’ (.6m x.6m) grow tent recommendations (above 55”)?

    Hello, Want to get as tall of a grow tent as I can afford for the space I have. HARD LIMIT at 2x2 for floor, but can go up to 7-8 feet tall. Only going to grow one at a time. I’ve only found the Plant House Grow Tent (link: ) that’s 2x2 and taller than 55” (plant house is 67” and if not that...
  3. Marshydro

    Mars Hydro High Quality Grow Tent Giveaway

    Hey whats up growers? Mars Hydro Giveaway Time again! :muahaha: This time we are going to give away our high quality grow tents! :yay:Many of you know Mars Hydro make led grow lights, but most of you still don't know that Mars Hydro also make great tents.:biggrin: So here is some rough...
  4. Marshydro

    10 Reasons why choose Mars Hydro grow tents

    10 REASONS WHY CHOOSE MARS HYDRO GROW TENTS Last time, we have introduced that we have upgraded our grow tents cloth material into diamond pattern. Most of other suppliers still use the lichee pattern. This time, we will tell you guys some other advantages of our grow tent. The grow tents...
  5. RidaRidaRida

    Indoor 2 x AK & 2 x Fugue State. Maybe some SODK if I buy another tent. First time grower in a legal state!

    So, I will apologize in advance as I am OCD and this is my first ever grow after 17 years of loving the flower, so this will be an EXTREMELY detailed post. I will be looking back on it during each future grow to hone my skills and create top shelf Cannabis consistently. First the tent, 300w...
  6. Tyler_Durden88

    Indoor Gorilla Glue & Trans Siberian Pics

    The bigger one is the gorilla glue by autoseeds shes almost 5 weeks old and is starting to flower. The two smaller ones are trans siberian one is 1 week and the other is 3 but the 3 week old had some issues early on that stunted her growth and is now starting to recover. Im looking for any...
  7. PoppyLon56

    Live Stoners Hey Y'all. Poppylon56 and I'm a newbe

    Hello everyone I hope your day is going the way you want it. I am Retired from the US Army 22yrs. Sgt Maj. I served with the 101st airborne in vietnam 1972 - 1974. on my return I spent 8 yrs with the 101st. I served with the 82nd airborne for 10yrs and was was on many missions with the 82nd, and...
  8. Unit Farm

    Indoor Our distributors

    Hello guys. We will update the distributors that we have cooperated together. If you live near the store, you can go into store to check our light and it will be very convenient for you to buy our products.:d5:
  9. NebulaNuggets

    Old Reviews One tent or Two tents?

    I am looking to buy a tent here in the next few days and I have room for an 8x4. The bedroom space is about 11x8 with a closet and I am going to use the closet for future considerations. I want to start running autos in the 8x4 for the next year, and most likely only autos. My previous grows...
  10. Norman

    DIY Soundproof material

    I built a 3 x 3 grow tent wooden grow tent. I covered it with mylar sheeting material. I used the Vipar Led light for my first grow and its awesome but I couldn not stand that humming noise coming from its fans. For my second grow I intend to buy another led fixture espescially for flowering...
  11. Santorini

    New Grower Snag a Grow Tent or Fine Tune The Closet Space?

    Hey whats up guys! I have a quick question on what you would do... before the question here is what my closet is and what im working with. Im on a very limited budget and am on my first grow. I currently have a nice size closet space (for me and what I need). Its 2.5ft in depth x 4.5ft wide x...
  12. WeedSmokerEire

    Indoor Northern light automatic hydro grow!! (4 pot wilma)

    Originally posted at day 40 but after checking dates on photos ive realised we are at day 42 today. Strain: Northern light automatic Breeder: Royal Queen Seeds Tent size: 1mx1mx2m Light: 600w hps Set up: 4 pot wilma Growing medium: Clay pebbles DAY 42! Suffering a wee bit from heat...
  13. WeedSmokerEire

    Grow Mediums Hydro grow (auto northern light) Day 40. Info welcome.

    Hey, here are my 4 northern light automatic from royal queen seeds. Day: 40 Set-up: 4 pot wilma Growing medium: clay pebbles Light: 600w hps Res: 30ltr with 2 large airstones Useable Nutes: miracle gro all pirpose soluble, atami hydro A+B, topmax, bloombastic, canna aqua veg and flores A+B...
  14. Norman

    New Grower My first autoflower grow!!

    Hi guys, This is my very first attempt of growing autoflower cannabis. I assembled a 3' x 3' wooden frame tent covered with black (outside) and reflective white (inside) mylar sheeting. Height is around 6 feet. After a lot of research I decided to go for the VIPAR 450W reflector (5W Bridglux...
  15. tripaholic88

    New Grower help with first tent grow???

    Ok so i Have done a cfl grow about 4 years back from 3 of 5 bagseeds that made it to about 4 weeks into flower that was a smooth/easy grow with no problems when i had to trash the project. and to be honest i was half assing the grow and didnt have the funds to do a proper grow.. well fast...
  16. Think

    Mephisto Genetics Hubbabubbasmelloscope journal

    Hello this will be doing my grow first journal. my 3 hubbabubbas are just sprouting now I will upload pictures tomorrow. Here is my setup. Lights 18/6 140x140x200 Tent 600w HPS with cool hood 5" extract fan and carbon filter 15L Air pots Medium - palgron light mix Advanced nutrients...