haze auto cbd

  1. Son of Hobbes

    Dinafem SoH tests Dinafem Industrial Plant CBD and Haze Auto CBD

    Good evening everyone! I'll be a doing a test grow with beans very generously and graciously donated on behalf of @Dinafem-Mark and Dinafem, which I'd like to thank again for the opportunity and privilege! I have never smoked a high CBD strain before let alone grow one, so this is going to be...
  2. A-Train

    Dinafem AFN Exclusive, Dinafem High CBD Autoflower Test Run, Industrial plant CBD Auto / Haze Auto CBD

    What's up AFN :toke:.... A-Train coming at you with some exciting news.:woohoo: Since @Dinafem-Mark has joined AFN he has been very impressed with the growing talents of our members. He has already been gracious enough to sponsor a bi-monthly pic comp and now he's pitching in more. The Dinafem...