heisenberg special

  1. BigD1128

    Mephisto Genetics Heisenberg Special Micro Grow

    I have a Heisenberg Special that was a freebie from my last order. This will be more of an experimental grow. I have read this variety can sometimes grow to 3' tall. Using LST and possibly topping or FIM to keep her as short as possible. The seed has cracked open and hopefully pops above ground...
  2. P

    Indoor Vertical Heisenberg Special Auto

    Strain-Heisenberg Special Auto. Pot size-1 Gallon. Medium-Dr.Earth Pot of gold soil. Plant Count-110. Lighting-Three 1000 watt Barebulbs. Room Size-10x10(100sqft)...
  3. Jack Vault

    New Grower The Vault Comparative Grow, in association with Mephisto Genetics - Heisenberg Special Autos

    Hi guys, apologies on the slight delay but the 3rd Comparative Grow has now begun :) Please read all of the below post to make sure you understand the everything :) This time we have paired up with the wonderful Mephisto Genetics and have the awesome Autoflowering strain: Heisenberg Special...