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  1. parsing_trees

    Grow Mediums Minimal runoff coco grows?

    Has anybody else here had success with zero/minimal runoff coco grows? What approaches do you use? I started out by hand-watering coco to 20% runoff every time, because the Coco for Cannabis site insisted it was required to prevent salt buildup. That quickly got old, so I set up automated...
  2. IceWater421

    Seed Stockers Seed Stockers Run Through The Jungle

    Hey AFN I’m going to be running a journal for seed stockers doing updates weekly. I will be growing there Amensia Haze , Purple Punch , Sticky Fingers (Autoflowers) & PhotoPeriod Purple Punch. I will be growing with cmh & cobshop cobs,in hempy buckets using Coco .
  3. Buck

    First Timer using MegaCrop

    I have been using MegaCrop for about a month now and I really like the product. I have been gradually feeding my plants more and more. I started around 1.5 grams a gallon and now am at 4 gr/gal. I use strait perlite as a medium using the hempy bucket style method. I have 2 different plant that...
  4. elcoloan

    Indoor Royal Bluematic in 2x2x4 with one Autocob - Coco Hempy Bucket

    Yay! A germinated auto! Second go at an autoflowering seed. RQS Royal Bluematic which seems to be going well so far. Put it in a shot-cup of water over deco behind tv until it submerged (5-7 hours), then placed inside folded moist paper towel on top of deco on Feb 15th. It was the same method i...
  5. Soil2Coco

    Mephisto Genetics Winter Mephisto Run

    Long time photo grower that caught an interest in trying out some autos and all my research lead me here. First under the Mars Hydro SP-160 we have six Deez Nugs in 2 gallon smart pot hempys @ 16 days old. Do I have time to top these? Next under the Mars Hydro SP-150 is two Sams Crack in 2...
  6. elcoloan

    Lighting Single Autocob Grow (2x2x4)

    Hello! This is my new 2x2x4 growtent with one 3500K Autocob (65 Watt version), and 1 or 2 plants per run. I don't need much ganjahhh, just something nice to relax once a week, so I want to see how well one of these lights does for me. Only problem I can see from this little sun is setting...
  7. elcoloan

    Indoor AK in 2x2x4 with one Autocob - Coco Hempy Bucket

    EDIT (3 months after thread was started): turns out this strain was not an auto. Hello fellow growers! My bag-seed test-run is almost over. I already have a sprouted Auto AK. I'd like to share its progress with you. :D :D :D Seed Info: -Auto AK (Gea Seeds)- Dec 29th (9 pm): Put to...
  8. elcoloan

    New Grower Bagseeds in a 2x2x4 with one Autocob - Coco Hempy Buckets

    Hello! Pretty excited to begin this journal. This first post will be to give the specs of my growing setup, and a brief background into the current plants growing in there. I will be sharing pics and update on their progress in subsequent posts. Will try to update at least once a week...
  9. IceWater421

    Indoor Icewater Grows again

    I’m going to be growing some autos again. It’s been over a year since I have grown any autos got lost in a world of ( photoperiod) plants and making seeds. I have a few tents to fill and for the first tent I will be growing @mephisto Alien Vs Triangle and @DutchPassionTony CBD Daqurai Lime ...
  10. Madness

    Indoor Autocob Madness pt.2

    Hey every one. I am glad to be here to share with you my run that I am starting which has got me more focused than ever as a grower.:pass: Before I babble on....pt 1 of my perpetual grow that didn't end up perpetual because of stupid scenarios....fire nugget though let me tell you...
  11. Madness

    Live Stoners hempy growers

    Hey everyone. Just kind of was wondering if there were any hempy growers here. I've been doing my 2l hempy grow for a little bit now and was wondering if anyone has done a 2l hempy grow or just a hempy grow In general. A lot of people here do autoflowers but I'm actually doing photos. My hempy...
  12. Gauge Steel

    Indoor Hempy Buckets! by Gauge Steel

    Welcome, Mephisto ManBearAlienPig X2 My room is 10x13' with a ceiling height of 11'. inside the room there is a grow box where a Cindy99 photo is 10 days or so from sprout. The room is got HVAC with a controllable 200CFM squirrel cage fan. The exhaust is another cage fan 900cfm. It is also...
  13. CocoHempster

    Mephisto Genetics CocoHempster: Finishing a Double Grape and Skyrone Stomper.

    Hey Mephisto gang. I've been away from the AFN community for a bit and have returned. (Under a new handle). Some of you may recognize me from previous grows. Anyway, I wasn't able to grow for about 6 months. (the agony ugh) ... And to make this a shorter intro I started growing again a little...
  14. IceWater421

    Mephisto Genetics IceWater Does Mephisto Genetics x2

    Hey AFN :d5: IceWater here doing another journal this time I will be doing Memphisto genetics Hesinberg Special & Tyrone Speical :headbang:. I will be doing these girls in coco hempy bucket again but instead of a 3.5 gallon bucket I will be using 1.8 gallon bucket. After seeming grows from a...
  15. regen

    New Grower MH + HPS with Mr Hempy DIY everywhere i can

    Hi fellas Regen here, (beware broken Engrish) After i smoked all my buds and cleared all my problems and stuff i decided to grow again. Like an old man said, once a grower always a grower. Anyway, i like to DIY all the stuff i can because of two reasons; Cheap and funny. This time i wanted to...
  16. IceWater421

    Mephisto Genetics IceWaters First Mephisto Run

    Hey AFN I will be doing a journal on my very first run of Mephisto Genetics!!!! I will be growing 2# Grape Crinkles 2# Orange Crack & #1 Tyrone Special. I'm using Advanced Nutrients Ph perfect line with additives . Big Bud, Trantula , Bud Candy , B52, General organics CalMag. And Green Planets...
  17. MrMojoRisin

    New Grower Northern Lights Auto Winter Grow- Indoor Hempy Bucket

    Hey Friends- I decided to try to grow 1 plant this fall/winter on my windowsill. Same set up I had for the last grow, but won't be able to keep them outdoors at all. I'm choosing to grow a White Label Seed Co. Feminized Autoflowering Northern Lights. I chose this strain because it is...