1. Harry_Kovert

    New Grower Still a rookie

    Greetings all. On a quest for knowledge given the wisdom and experience that exists here!. A relative rookie from the UK I'm now onto my 3rd grow. Currently have Fast Buds Mexican Airlines and Blue Dream'matic at day 16 inside a 3 x 3 x 5.9 tent in 15l pots - the soil being a diluted Biobizz...
  2. Harry_Kovert

    Lighting LED Overkill?

    Good evening to all you fine peeps. I have a 90 x 90 x 175 tent and I curently have a GN HS1 shining on 4 day old seedlings. A HGL 100 V2 QB is arriving tomorrow and a GN Telos 0008 is arriving next week. I'm not planning on using all of the lights at this early stage but would it be...
  3. Harry_Kovert

    Lighting HS1 Diffuser

    Afternoon Peeps. A long shot I know but does anyone happen to have a spare GN HS1 diffuser that's no longer needed. Not fussed about what size - I foolishly lent my light to someone and the diffuser has obtained burn marks! Thanks, Harvey
  4. MedGrower

    Seed Stockers MedGrower does Seed Stockers BCN Power Plant (HS1 / DWC)

    Hello! I am going to grow one BCN Power Plant (automatic) that Seed Stockers kindly provided for me to try out. My setup is as follows: Grow space: 60cm x 100cm x 200cm (DxWxH) = 0,6 m2 Lights: GN HS1 x1 for vegetative GN HS1 x2 for generative Reservoir: Old GHE aeroponic system tank...
  5. MedGrower

    Dutch Passion MedGrower does Blue AutoMazar (DWC / HS1 / Telos 0008)

    Hello! :toke: I got my garden back in the business now, starting with just a one plant and thought I will start up another one in upcoming weeks. My patient asked kindly to grow some more of the awesome, very effective medicine for her that best helps her pains. From all the varieties this one...
  6. MedGrower

    Indoor Royal Creamatic - Test Grow by MedGrower

    I got provided with some test seeds from @RoyalQueenSeeds thank you guys! :thumbsup: My intention is to test this strain out simply growing it with my regular DWC setup in my grow cabinet sized 60cm x 100cm = 0,6m2 with GrowNorthern HS1 -light (perhaps 2 at the generative cycle) and Remo...
  7. MedGrower

    Nutrients MedGrower does Remo Nutrients - Auto Ultimate DWC grow

    Alright. Now that I have some experience with Remo Nutrients and I find myself in a need to do a bumpercrop for the late summer, I desided to make this my official second round growing with Remo Nutrients in DWC. If you checked out my last attempt you realized that even though I got really good...
  8. MedGrower

    Lighting Test grow with DIY light (4x Citizen CLU048 with 200w meanwell driver / DP AutoEuforia)

    My setup is as follows: Grow space: DIY cabinet 60cm x 100cm x 200cm (DxWxH) = 0,60 m2 Reflective material on the walls is Orca growfilm Lights: Grow Northern HS1 for early vegetative period DIY COB light fixture (4x Citizen CLU048-1212 4000K CRI80 -COBs with 200w meanwell driver) Lightcycle...
  9. MedGrower

    Nutrients MedGrower does Remo Nutrients (DWC/GN lights/DutchPassion AWW)

    Alright. After checking out some awesome growing with Remo Nutrients, I got my hands on them too. I desided to take some time to do my part in testing these and see how an fairly average grower will do with them in fairly average conditions with DWC. Previously I had good results with Advanced...
  10. Qupid

    Mephisto Genetics Full Tent Of HubbaBubba

    Hubbabubbasmelloscope Day : 00 Yesterday I germinated my beans now I play the waiting game I'll post an update when the beans finally sprout. For now i've just got a snapshot of the cupboard ready to veg these girls, once they're around week 2/3 I'll transport them into the 4x4ft tent for flower !
  11. MedGrower

    Dutch Passion MedGrower does (finally!) AutoColorado Cookies! (DWC -grow with GN lights)

    Hello and welcome to my AutoColorado Cookies -adventure! I have been anxiously waiting to try some of these babies out ever since I got them (Thanks @DutchPassionTony). Now that my wifes medical setup is secured for many months ahead, I got a green light to go ahead with these! I put two seeds...
  12. Vlada

    Lighting HS1, Northern Lights Sensi Seeds, fem photoperiod

    Hi everybody, Finally I am doing my second try with HS1 light and first one to share with you. First grow space with 1 HS1 was 57cm with 63cm with 180cm, earth from flower shop, Bio Canna fertilizer, didn't measure properly ph as I thought not need with Bio Canna and didn't measure EC - too...
  13. MedGrower

    Dutch Passion AutoBlackberry Kush -cabinet grow (DWC/MS006/HS1)

    Hello all! Beginning of the week I started germinating two ABBK seeds and one had popped up last night. Guess this is officially day 1 for the grow. Wish me good luck! I put two seeds going because I really wish to get that purple pheno. :biggrin: Grow space: 60cm x 120cm x 200cm (DxWxH) =...
  14. MedGrower

    Lighting AutoNight Queen (HS1/DWC )

    Hey hey hey! :toke: Finally I am starting my grow with Dutch Passions new automatic, AutoNight Queen (http://www.dutch-passion.com/en/cannabis-seeds/product/autonight-queen-autoflower-weed-seeds/) At the same time I am feeling brave and I will be putting @TaNg's Easy Feeding schedule at test...
  15. Terra Firma

    Dutch Passion Terra's DP Auto Blackberry Kush grow under LED

    Hi fellow growers, I've started a new Dutch Passion AutoBlackberry Kush grow. I put seeds into some water to germinate on the 13th of February. My setup: Space: Mammoth Pro 1.2×1.2m tent Medium: Plagron Lightmix Containers: 15L Airpots, 16L Smartpot Light: 2 x GN HS1 LED + Mars Hydro Reflector...
  16. garnier

    Dutch Passion DP AutoXtreme Grow GN HS1 + MarsHydro + cfl

    First report/preview ever. please free to suggest, comment. Dutch Passion AutoExtreme lights used: GN HS1 + MarsHydro Reflector 48x3W + 3x45W cfl for boost veg. grow room: small wardrobe, sides with mylar 99% think its about 120x60x170cm - not been measuring this. fans: three small pc fans...
  17. MedGrower

    Dutch Passion MedGrower does Blue AutoMazar (MS006/HS1/DWC)

    Hello all! I started a new grow with one remaining Blue AutoMazar -seed I still had. This one is a cabinet grow and otherwise similar to my previous Ultimate -grow other than I am growing only one plant on the same space. Today is Day 1. As I took the the picture it is almost the end of Day1...
  18. Terra Firma

    Lighting Terra's Azarius Auto White LST trial grow

    Hi fellow growers, I received some free autoflower seeds with an order I placed at the Azarius webshop. The seeds are their home brand and called Auto White. I planted 3 seeds in one 16L smartpot, and am going to use LST to form a nice even canopy. Day 1 was the 1st of January. I'll be growing...
  19. Terra Firma

    Dutch Passion Terra's DP Auto Daiquiri Lime grow under GN HS1's

    Hi fellow growers, I've started a new Dutch Passion AutoDaiquiri Lime grow. I put three seeds into some moist toilet paper to germinate on the 19th of December. My setup: Space: Mammoth Pro 1.2×1.2m tent Medium: Canna Terra Professional mixed with Plagron Coco Premium. Additives: Mycorrhizae...
  20. Grim Reefer

    Dutch Passion HS1 - Think Big - 55L DWC

    Hello and welcome, First off i would like to give a big shout out to Dutch Passion Tony for sending me these test seeds free of charge. Il be starting this seedling under one of Grow Northern's HS1 LED with three extra units to be added later. The seedling, after propagation will be transplanted...